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Monday, September 8, 2008

We are finally in North Dakota

We arrived in North Dakota yesterday... around 2:30pm we checked into Red Trail Campground in Medora.. The entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is right in this little town....

We went into the park today and went to the visitors center before we headed out into the park to explore the beauty of the North Dakota Badlands. It had a museum with history of "Teddy" and some of his personal belongings. Also a 13 minute movie all about the park. The colorful Little Missouri River Badlands provides the scenic backdrop to the park which memorializes the 26th president for his enduring contributions to the conservation of our nation's resources.

Built during the winter of 1883-84, the Maltese Cross Cabin was Theodore Roosevelt's first home in Dakota Territory. It was a very small cabin but had all that he needed and loved in it. His most treasured items were the desk to write in his journal and his rocking chair.

The Little Missouri River shaped the land which is home to a variety of prairie plants and animals including deer, bison, elk and feral (wild) horses. First thing into the park I took the most interesting shot of a Bison standing on top of a rock high above the ground. It was like he just went up there to poise and get his picture taken. We also saw thousands (no exaggeration) of Prairie Dogs... Those little varmints are everywhere.

I just love the animal and hope you enjoy these pictures also.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Awsome pictures!!

Anonymous said...


That Log Cabin in the pic is absolutely phenominal!!!! I want it!!!!! LOL!



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