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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dinner & Movie ~ YUM

It has been a somewhat quiet week... Our little dog Tiffy isn't fairing to well and we have been staying home and taking care of her. She is 14 and suffering from cataracts, severe arthritis in the hind legs, cushings disease and just old dog syndrome... So sad when you furbabies become old.... She doesn't seem in pain but she is having trouble standing up on the back legs... So we carry her and baby her.... she is such a sweetheart♥

Last night we went to our daughter's house for dinner ~ that is always fun because we get a chance to be with our 4 grandsons... who I think grow every single day...

We had Fried Fish, Cheese Grits, Corn on the Cob & Corn Bread Muffins for dinner. She is a wonderful cook and we really ate well ~ so yummy!!!

After dinner we watched the movie Real Steel with Hugh Jackman... It is a movie about boxing but instead of people it is robots fighting. It was a real fun and packed with excitement film ~ not to mention HUGH JACKMAN (what a hunk). We enjoyed a big owl of ice cream during the movie ~
It was a perfect night with family.♥

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

How about those FUEL pricres???

Fuel cost are getting out of control ~ is there any way to stop it??? One of the reasons for the hike in prices is speculation... REALLY??? Can they speculate how a lot of people will have to choose between buying gas to get to work, feeding their families and paying their bills... will this madness ever end?

For those of you who retire to live your life's dream of traveling and seeing this awesome nation ~ How will it effect you? Are you trimming the size of your travels, parking your rigs and not going anywhere or are you biting the bullet and just paying the cost? I am curious...

tell me how you plan on dealing with it.

Our plans are still in motion at this time ~ however we sometimes wonder where is it really heading... We've been doing this for 8 years now and I am wondering how much longer will we be doing it. We love our lifestyle but I mean WOW... what can one person do?

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

What's Better then Meeting Bloggin Buddies???

Nothing ~ it is the best part of bogging♥

We got up Sunday morning with the intentions of putting our luggage from the trip and a few other things into storage... then putter around the motorhome cleaning out drawers and cabinets which tend to get cluttered with stuff when we are in one place for a long time. I knew I didn't have much to blog about since we don't really do to much when we are parked in our home town for the winter. I was taking a break reading blogs and on facebook when one of my bloggin buddies Elaine, E & R's Travels, came on and said they were up in New Port Richey and was going to Tarpon Springs for the day. We both agreed we'd love to get together before they leave the area but we could not meet them up at Tarpon so she said they could drop by. She asked if we had met Arlene & Kevin, Roaming Where We Can, who are staying in our park and I said no we had not met them yet. Since we got back Thursday night and we've been wiped out from the 2 day drive back in rain practically all the way. So we all planned to get together in the afternoon... at our motorhome... it was a great time meeting all of these wonderful people and we truly enjoyed their company... We spent some time here at our place and then walked over and spent a while chatting & laughing at Arlene & Kevin's place.
Arlene, Elaine and me
picture borrowed from Elaine's blog ~ ok stolen...lol
After a pretty good visit we decided to go out to eat at a new place right beside the park ~ Southern Buffet. Arlene & Kevin couldn't go so it was just Elaine, Rick Ralph & me. We walked back to our coach and I went in to put on sneakers and give Tiffy some water. When I came out Elaine & Rick were talking to our neighbor. Come to find out they knew each other from New Brunswick and didn't know they were here. Rick use to work with the wife ~
What a small world it is.

Ralph & Rick
The food was pretty good and we all had a fun time. It was GREAT getting to know Elaine & Rick better ~ I know we'll be friends for a long time. Our plans were to visit New Brunswick this summer but now we have even more reason to go. To visit our new friends and enjoy their company again and have some fun.
Elaine & me

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flash Back ~ 5 weeks ago

We left Largo Florida on Monday January 11th and stopped overnight at some friends house in North Florida... stayed a couple of days. We were on the way to help out my daughter with the kids after she had surgery... it is always fun visiting then no matter the reason ♥

Left our friends house and headed towards Van Buren, Arkansas ~ first night stayed in a LaQuinta Hotel in Meridian, Ms. since they allow dogs to stay in the rooms and we had Tiffy. It was pretty run down but clean. We were tired so we got Subway for dinner and took it back to the room.

Arrived at Jen's in Van Buren Thursday evening ~ Since we had decided to celebrate Christmas late there we were off shopping for the next 3 days... On Sunday we celebrated Christmas and enjoyed our presents and time together.

We celebrated my 63rd birthday with cake and presents. I got a beautiful charm (breast cancer ribbon) for my Pandora bracelet, a gift card and a great new Nikon point & shoot. 14mp ~ 18 zoom... nice to carry in my purse for those great photo moments. Has so many fun extras on it. We also celebrated our 43rd anniversary quietly... after so many years it is just wonderful being best friends and loving each other so much.

On the 19th our daughter had surgery and all went well... She recovered nicely. Such a strong young women... It was day surgery and I just couldn't believe they didn't keep her in for at least a day.

Then our time was spent waiting for her to recover ~ cooking and running the grands around... they are 11 & 14 so it really wasn't much watching. lol I did more cooking of breakfast and dinners then I have for a long time. Up at 6 to cook for them before they went to school ~ now I am sure why older women don't have babies... I am tired!!! lol

On the 7th of February we went to our oldest Grand daughters Winter Concert... she was so excited that we were there for it. She plays in the percussion section and had several featured parts. One was on the Tiffany Drums or Kettle Drums. They were great for 8th grade and she wants to continue with band right through High School. We are very proud of her ~ great grades and talented too. ♥

We thought we got away with beautiful weather while we were here but on the 13th it snowed pretty good ... It was beautiful to look at but scary to drive in ~ so we didn't! Schools were closed for the day so we stayed home, played games and had a fire in the fireplace.

Soon Valentine's Day was upon us and we did the usual cards and candies and balloons (for the kids). Jen was feeling really well by then and we all went out for dinner at Ed Walker's Diner/Drive in (a well recommended place)~ it was a fun time for all. It has been a long time since we were in school and now see that they do a huge celebration in school... they had a room just for the delivery of gifts for the kids and during their last period of the day they were delivered to them... WOW those parents spent a ton on making their kids day!

Razorback Burger 1/3 pounder ~ they have a 1/2 pounder and a 5 pounder...lol

We packed up Ranger Bob (our Ford truck) & finally headed back home on the 15th... it rained on us the whole way home.... First night we stayed at another La Quinta Inn in Birmingham, Al. This one was much nicer ~ and ate Arby's Roast Beef up in our room for dinner. We didn't want to leave Tiffy alone in the room.

We arrived back at Rainbow Village in Largo late Thursday night ~ we were beat but my honey who drove the entire way was really wiped out. Friday we took Tiffy to the groomer (well overdo), went to breakfast at Jesse's Restaurant, picked up our new wireless printer at est Buy and went to visit our daughter Denise and the twin grandsons...

Today we REST

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where in the world is Donna?

We have been in Fort Smith, Arkansas for the last 3 weeks and will be here for two more weeks. Our daughter Jennifer had surgery and we came here to help her during her recovery. It is nice to be here visiting her and our wonderful Grand Daughters. We are very proud of them ~ Hannah is a straight A student in advanced classes at her school... and Alyssah is a great little baker who is hoping one day to be a famous pastry chef.

Here are my beautiful Grand Daughters ♥ Hannah (13) & Alyssah (11)

She is doing excellent and is up and about getting into mischief all the time ~ darn those strong headed kids. We have enjoyed our time together cooking, baking and just laughing all the time. Our only wish is that her sister & family was here with us

Chicken & 3 Cheese Tri Colored Tortellini Soup ~ Braided French Bread

Jalapeno` & Cheese Bread

When we first got here we celebrated a late Christmas with them all... it was easier then shipping the presents and was so much fun watching the girls open their gifts. We got Hannah a beautiful North Face Jacket and Alyssah is really into baking so we got her baking supplies for decorating cakes & cupcakes. Check out the yummy cake she made with all her new stuff ~ YUMMO!

Shortly after Jennifer's surgery her honey (Eric) went back to Texas where he works for a major oil company. He'll be back home right after we leave so we won't get to see him again until we all get together again. While here I also celebrated my 63rd birthday and our 43rd anniversary.

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!

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