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Monday, February 20, 2012

What's Better then Meeting Bloggin Buddies???

Nothing ~ it is the best part of bogging♥

We got up Sunday morning with the intentions of putting our luggage from the trip and a few other things into storage... then putter around the motorhome cleaning out drawers and cabinets which tend to get cluttered with stuff when we are in one place for a long time. I knew I didn't have much to blog about since we don't really do to much when we are parked in our home town for the winter. I was taking a break reading blogs and on facebook when one of my bloggin buddies Elaine, E & R's Travels, came on and said they were up in New Port Richey and was going to Tarpon Springs for the day. We both agreed we'd love to get together before they leave the area but we could not meet them up at Tarpon so she said they could drop by. She asked if we had met Arlene & Kevin, Roaming Where We Can, who are staying in our park and I said no we had not met them yet. Since we got back Thursday night and we've been wiped out from the 2 day drive back in rain practically all the way. So we all planned to get together in the afternoon... at our motorhome... it was a great time meeting all of these wonderful people and we truly enjoyed their company... We spent some time here at our place and then walked over and spent a while chatting & laughing at Arlene & Kevin's place.
Arlene, Elaine and me
picture borrowed from Elaine's blog ~ ok stolen...lol
After a pretty good visit we decided to go out to eat at a new place right beside the park ~ Southern Buffet. Arlene & Kevin couldn't go so it was just Elaine, Rick Ralph & me. We walked back to our coach and I went in to put on sneakers and give Tiffy some water. When I came out Elaine & Rick were talking to our neighbor. Come to find out they knew each other from New Brunswick and didn't know they were here. Rick use to work with the wife ~
What a small world it is.

Ralph & Rick
The food was pretty good and we all had a fun time. It was GREAT getting to know Elaine & Rick better ~ I know we'll be friends for a long time. Our plans were to visit New Brunswick this summer but now we have even more reason to go. To visit our new friends and enjoy their company again and have some fun.
Elaine & me

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Elaine said...

We are so looking forward to your visit in NB..:) thanks for the great day...it was so nice to get together :) hugs

Jim and Sandie said...

This, to me, if one of the best parts of blogging - meeting new friends. Of course, the blog also helps jog my poor memory. Sounds like a great time.

Rick said...

Should make your visit to N.B. all that much better! Glad to hear you had a great time.

Along the Way with JnK said...

We LOVE meeting our blogging friends but it doesn't seem to happen as much as we would like it to so we began putting our location at the start of our blog. Hopefully this will help!

Sue and Doug said...

what a great meet and greet Donna!!..and now some other new Canadian friends!!!..such a fun way to meet people..this blogging thing may catch on one day!. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

It IS fun meeting other bloggers. It's like already having a headstart on knowing them.

The Good Luck Duck

Leno said...

Finally, we got to meet. It was fun and look forward to seeing you again..

Allen DuGuay said...

Nice to see that you met up with some of your blogging buddies. Should be a fun trip this summer to eastern Canada.

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow...small world indeed. But, what a fun 'adventure'...even with Tassie too. Sounds like a whole lotta fun, and yes---New Brunswick now has more appeal to be a'goin' there sometime real soon.

Carole Burant said...

Having met some of my blogging friends, I know how wonderful it is to meet face to face:-) It sounds like you all had a delightful time and I love the pictures of you three gals. If you ever come to my corner of Ontario, my doors are open:-) xoxo

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