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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where in the world is Donna?

We have been in Fort Smith, Arkansas for the last 3 weeks and will be here for two more weeks. Our daughter Jennifer had surgery and we came here to help her during her recovery. It is nice to be here visiting her and our wonderful Grand Daughters. We are very proud of them ~ Hannah is a straight A student in advanced classes at her school... and Alyssah is a great little baker who is hoping one day to be a famous pastry chef.

Here are my beautiful Grand Daughters ♥ Hannah (13) & Alyssah (11)

She is doing excellent and is up and about getting into mischief all the time ~ darn those strong headed kids. We have enjoyed our time together cooking, baking and just laughing all the time. Our only wish is that her sister & family was here with us

Chicken & 3 Cheese Tri Colored Tortellini Soup ~ Braided French Bread

Jalapeno` & Cheese Bread

When we first got here we celebrated a late Christmas with them all... it was easier then shipping the presents and was so much fun watching the girls open their gifts. We got Hannah a beautiful North Face Jacket and Alyssah is really into baking so we got her baking supplies for decorating cakes & cupcakes. Check out the yummy cake she made with all her new stuff ~ YUMMO!

Shortly after Jennifer's surgery her honey (Eric) went back to Texas where he works for a major oil company. He'll be back home right after we leave so we won't get to see him again until we all get together again. While here I also celebrated my 63rd birthday and our 43rd anniversary.

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Elaine said...

wow beautiful granddaughters!!! And that little cake decorator sure is talented...glad your enjoying your visit and I wish a speed recovery to your daughter..she is lucky to have you folks around to help!!

Jeff said...

So good to see your post today. We were wondering where you were and what you were up to/ Happy belated b-day and happy anniversary to the two of you.

Arkansas Travelers said...

Hope you have enjoyed the Fort Smith area. The weather has been great. Maybe the storms they are predicting won't be bad.

Sue and Doug said...

welcome back to blogville Donna..looks like the girls have been keeping you busy!!!

Karen and Al said...

Your granddaughter are both very beautiful. What a beautiful cake..I guess the Christmas gift was money well spent!

Unknown said...

Your granddaughters are so photogenic!

Hootin' Anni said...

{{{Donna}}} I've been wondering where you've traveled off to; thinking you may not have had any access for your laptop/computer. But now, I see you had a reason to be AWOL. LOL ===hope your daughter recovers fully. And I can see by all the smiles, you're enjoying your time spent with family.

Glad to see you out bloggin' again. You've been missed.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary! Those goodies look wonderful wish I had a baker in the family. :) Wishing a speedy recovery for your daughter.

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