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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flash Back ~ 5 weeks ago

We left Largo Florida on Monday January 11th and stopped overnight at some friends house in North Florida... stayed a couple of days. We were on the way to help out my daughter with the kids after she had surgery... it is always fun visiting then no matter the reason ♥

Left our friends house and headed towards Van Buren, Arkansas ~ first night stayed in a LaQuinta Hotel in Meridian, Ms. since they allow dogs to stay in the rooms and we had Tiffy. It was pretty run down but clean. We were tired so we got Subway for dinner and took it back to the room.

Arrived at Jen's in Van Buren Thursday evening ~ Since we had decided to celebrate Christmas late there we were off shopping for the next 3 days... On Sunday we celebrated Christmas and enjoyed our presents and time together.

We celebrated my 63rd birthday with cake and presents. I got a beautiful charm (breast cancer ribbon) for my Pandora bracelet, a gift card and a great new Nikon point & shoot. 14mp ~ 18 zoom... nice to carry in my purse for those great photo moments. Has so many fun extras on it. We also celebrated our 43rd anniversary quietly... after so many years it is just wonderful being best friends and loving each other so much.

On the 19th our daughter had surgery and all went well... She recovered nicely. Such a strong young women... It was day surgery and I just couldn't believe they didn't keep her in for at least a day.

Then our time was spent waiting for her to recover ~ cooking and running the grands around... they are 11 & 14 so it really wasn't much watching. lol I did more cooking of breakfast and dinners then I have for a long time. Up at 6 to cook for them before they went to school ~ now I am sure why older women don't have babies... I am tired!!! lol

On the 7th of February we went to our oldest Grand daughters Winter Concert... she was so excited that we were there for it. She plays in the percussion section and had several featured parts. One was on the Tiffany Drums or Kettle Drums. They were great for 8th grade and she wants to continue with band right through High School. We are very proud of her ~ great grades and talented too. ♥

We thought we got away with beautiful weather while we were here but on the 13th it snowed pretty good ... It was beautiful to look at but scary to drive in ~ so we didn't! Schools were closed for the day so we stayed home, played games and had a fire in the fireplace.

Soon Valentine's Day was upon us and we did the usual cards and candies and balloons (for the kids). Jen was feeling really well by then and we all went out for dinner at Ed Walker's Diner/Drive in (a well recommended place)~ it was a fun time for all. It has been a long time since we were in school and now see that they do a huge celebration in school... they had a room just for the delivery of gifts for the kids and during their last period of the day they were delivered to them... WOW those parents spent a ton on making their kids day!

Razorback Burger 1/3 pounder ~ they have a 1/2 pounder and a 5 pounder...lol

We packed up Ranger Bob (our Ford truck) & finally headed back home on the 15th... it rained on us the whole way home.... First night we stayed at another La Quinta Inn in Birmingham, Al. This one was much nicer ~ and ate Arby's Roast Beef up in our room for dinner. We didn't want to leave Tiffy alone in the room.

We arrived back at Rainbow Village in Largo late Thursday night ~ we were beat but my honey who drove the entire way was really wiped out. Friday we took Tiffy to the groomer (well overdo), went to breakfast at Jesse's Restaurant, picked up our new wireless printer at est Buy and went to visit our daughter Denise and the twin grandsons...

Today we REST

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Donna K said...

That's a lot of catching up!! Glad to hear your daughter is doing well and that you made it back hoke okay. Those are some lovely granddaughters. I bet you sure enjoyed them.

Mike Goad said...

We barely got an inch of snow at our house, but had planned for more - went to the gym the day before, which we don't normally do on Sunday, and stayed home the day of the storm. Nice not to HAVE to go out when the weather is inclement.

Our daughter lived in Fort Smith when she was going through management internship/training at JC Penny. She and her her hubby introduced us to Ed Walker's Diner/Drive when we visited them one day back in 2007. Good food!

Glad you made the trip there and back OK and that your daughter is doing well.

meowmomma said...

Holy Cow! Weren't there any more holidays you could fit in there? It sure sounds like a great bunch of celebrating!!! And glad your daughter is doing well. I know she was so very happy to have the two of you there taking care of her family! Who better???

Jeff said...

Maybe now the two of you can relax like normal retired folks :-). I'm sure your family truly appreciated all the help you were to them. Welcome home!

Hootin' Anni said...

Okay....let me get this straight...you posted they have a FIVE POUND burger? Oh my gosh. I seem a bit bloated just reading that part. LOL

Beautiful family Donna. Love the fact that you got to celebrate the holidays, even tho it was late in coming...it's still a good thing!!!

Glad to hear the surgery went well and she is recovered. You sound like an 'old hen' ===JUST KIDDING OF COURSE=== but, the body can and does recover at home much better than an overnight stay in the hospital. At least I think so. LOL

Ewwww, that snow. Yuck. Beautiful from the window but as you say, not out driving in it.

Oh ya, you did say you two were retired right? Doesn't sound like it. What happened to those days of fishin' or a leisure stroll around the park? Sleeping in late? Y'know, that kinda stuff.

By the way --I just had my 63rd b-day this month, and Bud and I are married 44 years in May. Woohoo!!

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