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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween - Jokes & Recipe

Q. What do goblins and ghosts drink when they're hot and thirsty on Halloween? A. Ghoul-aid!!!
Q. What is a Mummie's favorite type of music? A. Wrap!!!!!
Q. Why do demons and ghouls hang out together? A. Because demons are a ghouls best friend!
Q. What's a monster's favorite bean? A. A human bean.
Q. Why can't the boy ghost have babies? A. Because he has a Hallo-weenie.
Q. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? A. A sand-witch.
Q. Where does a ghost go on Saturday night? A. Anywhere where he can boo-gie.
Q. What did the skeleton say to the vampire? A. You suck.
Q. What do ghosts say when something is really neat? A.Ghoul
Q. Why did the ghost go into the bar? A. For the Boos.
Q. Why was the girl afraid of the vampire? A. He was all bite and no bark.
Q. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost? A. He didn't have a haunting license.
Q. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party? A. He had no body to dance with.
Q. Where does Count Dracula usually eat his lunch? A. At the casketeria.
Q. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog? A. He is mist.
Q. Where did the goblin throw the football? A. Over the ghoul line.
Q. Why doesn't Dracula mind the doctor looking at his throat. A. Because of the coffin.

Bloody Brains

Serves/Makes: 16

2 packages (8 oz size) softened cream cheese
1/4 pound baby shrimp buy another 1/4 pound if using a brain mold
1 jar cocktail sauce
A variety of favorite crackers


If you can find a brain mold at the party store that would be great fun... Lightly oil it and arrange some of the baby shrimp around the inside of mold to look like brain... Press mixture well into mold... chill

Mix the cream cheese, shrimp and cocktail sauce together. Shape it into an oval brain shape and place on a platter... Surround the "brain" with the crackers.

Cook's Note: For added effect take a toothpick dipped into food coloring (blue and/or green) and make veins in the cream cheese brain to look like a real brain.

Stay Safe & Have FUN!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

☺☺☺Fall is back and it is beautiful☺☺☺

What a beautiful week... A couple of days of rain but it has ended up just gorgeous... We took a ride up through the Boston Mountain to look at the leaves... It wasn't peek but neverless beautiful to a girl who hasn't seen to many fall leaves changing... I took a ton of pictures & it was hard choosing which ones to post...I know this is a lot but just sit back and enjoy... ☺

The trees around Tassie are changing and when they fall off it sounds like rain on our roof.

Here is a beaver dam that is not to far from our campsite.... we have not seen a beaver yet... and a some kind of hawk that hangs around screeching early in the mornings

What beautiful sunrises we get on the mornings we have no rain. The sky looks like it is on fire!

Until Later

Sunday, October 18, 2009

☺☺☺Baby It's Coooold Outside☺☺☺

What happened to fall?

It is 36' here this morning and I think that is cooooold... I know many of you have colder weather but I am use to Florida weather... Even though we full time in Tassie we usually stay in FLORIDA for the winter months... As most of you know this is our first winter away and we are in Arkansas visiting our youngest daughter. I always wanted to see the changing of the leaves (for a whole season), frost on the pumpkins and maybe even a light snow... but the leaves are changing fast and falling!

Well I can tell you I need warmer clothes...LOL LOL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~~~ Rain Rain go Away ~~~

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer is our wonderful host for "Outdoor Wednesday". If you are interested in this event head on over to Susan's place....There is a link on the logo picture....go visit more Outdoor Wednesdays and learn what it is all about. Join in the fun..... See all the wonderful places and events that others are sharing!
Thank you very much Susan

I am not missing in action but between the rain and cooler weather we haven't been doing too much siteseeing lately. Remember I am a GRITS (girl raised in the south) and just not use to cooler weather. At home in Florida it is 95 today... Here yesterday it never made it to 60. Not that I don't love it because I do! We have been walking the park every day but I am bundled up and keeping as warm as I can. The leaves are starting to change and I am sure that since we have had some really cool nights it should really begin to be very colorful. Next week we are taking a ride up into the Boston Mountains in the Ozarks to see if the leaves are changing up there.

As for now we are back at Spring Hill COE park near Fort Smith, Arkansas. This time we set up Tassie in a site closer to a waterway off of the Arkansas River... This site is very nice but has only 30 AMP electric which we can get away with when we do not need the air conditioner... and Ralph can just stand on the bank to fish

The geese are flying south so we see a lot of them stopping by for a rest... It is funny hearing them go ove honking all the way...

And of course we are still staying close to our daughter Jennifer's house so we are enjoying lots of great quality family time... It is nice being able to see our granddaughters so much...
Here are Ralph and Hannah on a hike in the woods
Some more mushrooms. Did you here that eating mushrooms can help fight against Breast Cancer? Not a cure but another super food....
It is always good to hear about super foods isn't it?
However the twin grandson's back in Florida are missing us now...
and call me everyday to tell me so! Oh the life of a Memaw & Poppy...

Until Later
Hugs And Kisses

Valentine rain hearts

Monday, October 5, 2009

~~~ A Hike in the Woods & Schrooms~~~

It has been a busy week for us watching our granddaughters and taking care of things that needed to be taken care of. I wanted to post our last hike in the woods of the Boston Mountains up in the Ozarks. I have been curious about all the mushrooms we see when hiking so I bought a little cheat sheet of mushrooms... Now I will say I still have no idea which are edible and those that are not so I am not brave enough to pick them... I want to learn more about the different mushrooms but I will admit I am a scardy cat when deciding yes the are edible or NO they are poisonous! Here I will try to tell you what we saw and if I am wrong please let me know...
Ralph making his way through the trail & Spindle Coral Mushroom (edible)

Beautiful trees in the woods

Emetic Russula (poisonous) which I think looks like a plum tomatoe when closed &
more Spindle Coral. Isn't it really beautiful

A view of the lake & a King Bolete (Choice edible)

False Chanterelle (edible) & a beautiful air plant at the base of tree

Not sure what this is growing on the log & a cute little trail turtle

Caesar's Mushroom (edible) & a small creek with barely any water

Now don't take my word for it... I really am not sure and would not eat any of them...
Go outside and enjoy nature!
Until Later
Hugs And Kisses

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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