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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where in the World has Donna Been???

We have been very busy having fun and enjoying the sights but I have not had any Internet for days... and still it is shotty. I may be on for a few minutes and then BAM gone! This is the problem when visiting such beautiful places around this country... Sometimes you have it all and sometimes you don't. But we always have FUN!!!

Our drive into San Francisco & Elks Lodge we stayed at in Fremont

We spent 3 days in the San Francisco area hitting several key landmarks... Yes we would have loved to stay much longer since it is one of our favorite cities to visit but we are on our way to Alaska and just hitting some areas on the way. We will be out here again next summer and spend a couple of weeks in this wonderful town. We parked our rigs at the ELKS lodge for the 3 nights in Fremont which is about 30 minutes from San Francisco. We had E/W but no sewer at the Elks Club.

Candlestick Park and the Palace of Fine Arts

Pier 39

Ralph & I in front of Alcatraz and the infamous seals at Pier 39

Carousal at Pier 39 and the famous Lombard Street

San Francisco Electric Cars and the Trolley

Then we left San Francisco, traveled up Hwy 101 about 180 miles which a beautiful drive through wine country... We stayed at a campground called Creekside RV Resort in Willits, Ca. Bad choice but you never know! DO NOT STAY HERE ever if you have a BIG rig!!! It was off of Hwy 101 and hard to get into with a narrow bridge at the entrance. (FIRST CLUE) Then we were greeted by the manager who was a little cocky to put it mildly... "Move your coaches so our regulars can get by" but there was no place to move 2 forty foot rigs with cars in tow... or even turn around (SECOND CLUE) Then he told us we would have to unhitch even if we wanted to turn around... (YIKES) might as well stay if we have to unhitch. So finally we found 2 back in sites (they said they had pull troughs for us) that would fit us and set up... thick woods and a lot of REGULARS in travel trailers from the 60's... What a junky park but we all agreed it that it is only for one night. So after a night of restless sleep because the regulars were up all night BBQin around midnight we headed out carefully... pulling back on to Hwy 101 was just as dangerous as pulling in. OH and even with a Passport America discount this dump was still 21 dollars a night!

Vineyards & Farmhouses along Highway 101

So that is where and what we've been up to... Come back and read more about our great adventure. Hope you are all doing great too!

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun & Fun RV Park in Tulare, California

The ride to Tulare, Ca. was pretty good other then mountains, threatening skies and winds. We only had about 140 miles to go and it was an easy drive from Acton, Ca. We took Hwy 14 to I-5 to Hwy 99. Hwy 14 & I-5 were a little rough but Hwy 99 was a really nice road. We pulled out of the park with our friends Norm & Chris in the lead position today. Our goal is San Francisco with Tulare being a overnight stop.

On the way we saw thousands of Vineyards and Olive Trees and other crops

More Oil rigs and CALIFORNIA cows!

We pulled into the Sun & Fun RV Park around 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a GREAT park for a stopover or even a few days...
Great cement pads, 50amp, good water pressure and sewer.

They also take Passport America & Good Sam's Club. They had a nice clean pool area!

Here is Tassie on her pad and then Tassie with our friends Norm & Chris's rig. They enjoyed being next to eachother...

It was a nice park and we sat outside visiting after we arrived... It wasn't long before all heck broke out and a BAD sandstorm came in. It was so bad you couldn't even see about 20 feet in front of you. We all scurried into our own homes and hid. A little later it rained and rained and rained some more. We have never been in a sandstorm so it was a little scary for us.

Sorry no pictures of the sandstorm!!! I was concerned about sand in my lens...

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails Park Review

Today we hit the road and are on our way to San Fransisco... via Tulare, Ca. We are hoping that all of us are healthy enough to go into the city and check it out. The 4 days flew by even though we did nothing but go to Wally World!
The park is located at
Soledad Canyon - Thousand Trails
4700 Crown Valley Rd.
Acton, California 93510
We arrived at Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails Park on last Wednesday around 1:30 pm. It was a very hard drive because of high winds & rough roads so it was a welcomed site when we came around the bend and saw the park. We have 50 amp, W/S but the site was really unlevel, so we had to use boards under our wheels & jacks. Also a HUGE issue with electric, alot in the park that does not work.

Secluded in the high desert country, this 266-acre oasis is surrounded by lush greenery, majestic scenery and towering cottonwood trees. The temperate climate offers year-round fun for all ages. While we were here the days were very comfortable at about 75' & the nights a little chilly around 45'.

Tassie in her home for the next 4 days & the back of our friends Winnebago TOUR

We were able to get Satellite TV, both Verizon and AT&T phone service and Internet service with our cards. This is because we are on the upper level of park.

Campsites on the upper level where we are parked.

It is located only one hour from Los Angeles and for us the perfect stop to visit various Hollywood attractions and major theme parks. We didn't get to go into LA because not only did Ralph get sick with a bad cold but my friend Chris was having some issues with her sinus too. The pollen count is so high here and with the winds blowing it around it is very hard on anyone with allergies.

Campsites in the level just below where we are parked.

This park offers a lot of amenities: They have an Adult Center, Ball Field, Basketball Court, Country Store, Family Center, Horseshoe Pits, Laundry Facilities, Mini-Golf, Playgrounds, Shuffleboard, Spa, Swimming pool.

We are surrounded by National Forest...NW is Los Padres NF & to the SSW is Angeles NF

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our drive to Soledad Canyon, California

We left around 9:30 in the morning and had only 140 miles to go... Easy day that is for sure.We pulled onto I-10 with our friends following behind us and started the next leg of our journey. We traveled through more beautiful mountains

Saw thousands of Windmills

We went through San Bernardino Valley via US210 & I-15,

past a city proud of their Little League and
two motorcycle cops passed us and pulled right in front of us...
Guess they don't know how hard it is to stop Tassie

We then entered US 138 where we saw more mountains, beautiful rock formations and Joshua Trees. Then all of a sudden we were hit with HIGH winds... and rough roads. It was a little scary with Tassie being blown all over the highway.

Joshua Trees which are succulents related to the Yucca plant

We traveled over very Rough roads

we passed by the California Aqueduct and Metro Link train that takes you to LA

By the time we arrived to our destination both Ralph and Norm were exhausted from fighting winds and rough roads... They were so happy to be there at Soledad Canyon and able to relax. We'll be here for about 4 days!

Early Morning MOON & Palm Trees in Palm Desert, California

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!


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