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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit

So off to Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit just north of a town called Grassy Butte is a which is about 80 miles from where we are . On the way there we stopped at exit 32 right off Interstate 94. It is a part of the park they call the painted badlands. Basically it is just a scenic view but breathtaking at any rate. We stopped walked around, went into the visitors center and took pictures out at the overlook.. Worth the stop if your driving by.

Now off to the North Unit... It always amazes me to see the change of the land.. you can be driving along and have grasslands, meadows, farms and the all of a sudden there are all these great cliffs, mountains and rock formations they call the badlands... I have heard many times how they evolved but I still can not understand it... And all the animals that frequent the parks it is interesting to say the least. This country of ours is so wonderful and unique in it's changing lands...

Here are some pictures to show how our drive changed in scenery so many times... like I said it went from flat lands to badlands within just a couple of miles...

One if the places in the parks is called Cannon Ball Concretions... They are large spherical boulders that may have any shape but mostly they are round. They are formed within the rocks by the deposition of minerals around the core. We found this to be very interesting area in the park.

Ok.. must finish this a little later... getting ready to go out on another adventure....

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Anonymous said...


It's amazing how the land changes so often. I guess it's God's way of saying that everything must change, nothing stays the same.



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