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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Around Town Minneapolis & St. Paul

We went into Minneapolis yesterday to do some site seeing. We have been here before but we wanted to go back to see a few things we have already seen and enjoyed. We also hit a few new places that we haven't been to.. Here is a quick moving shot of the Minneapolis skyline or at least part of it.

This is the Basilica of Saint Marys Catholic Church. The Basilica of Saint Mary was the first basilica established in the United States, honored by Pope Pius XI in 1926. It is one of the finest examples of architecture in the country, the Basilica of Saint Marys was constructed between 1907 and 1915. What makes a church a basilica you ask? According to what I have read it is a church that has been accorded certain privileges by the pope also the style of building.

I am not really sure what this building was but I found it 's architectural style very interesting.. This picture was caught on the fly also. ;-D

This is Minnehaha Park and Falls.. We visited here a couple of years ago and both of us found this park to be beautiful and peaceful that we decided to visit it again. We wanted to spend a great deal of time here just walking around, sitting and enjoying.

Here is the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. It is the home of the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings and the University of Minnesota football team. Talk about a stadium well used...

As you know the original bridge between the twin cities collapsed in 2007. This is the new span that now connects Minneapolis to St. Paul. Not as beautiful as the other one was but I am sure more sturdy. I cropped the picture so it isn't really a great one of the bridge.

Across the bridge over in St. Paul is the State Capital building. Construction of the capitol started in 1896, and construction was completed in 1905. It is the third building to serve this purpose: the first capitol was destroyed by fire in 1881 and the second was considered to small. Another state capital checked off the list.

After a complete day of riding around and seeing what we could before we were completely exhausted we decided to take it easy today. We want to go out riding in the country since the leaves are definitely starting to change so we are hanging around here one more day and then we are off heading down through Iowa and Missouri. No destination yet but we are thinking about visiting Amish Country.

Until Later
Hugs And Kisses


Justine said...

Wow, what gorgeous buildings! That church is just amazing, and the capitol building is gorgeous too! Ooh, you're such a lucky duck, seeing all this cool stuff!

Justine :o )

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Loved the architecture of the buildings and the waterfalls. Love those too!


Love the pics! I've never been there, I feel like I have!!

Bo said...

You take GREAT pictures! It must be wonderful getting out and about in this big, wonderful world of ours and seeing so much beauty...
I'll bet your Tassie looks gorgeous decked out for the seasons, too! Safe journeys to you.. ;-) Bo

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Thanks for the tour, really lovely park, love the falls/waterway.

Do any of your grandkids ask to come along on your adventures?

Kathy said...

Donna, beautiful pics, my ex SIL lives in Apple Valley, Minn. we are still in touch and get on great, we were there a long time ago, I do not remember seeing all those amazing churches and buildings but I do remember going to the Minnehaha park and seeing the statue of Hiawatha carrying minnehaha across the river, we got inner tubes and floated along the river, we even had a little inner tube for the beer's haha, it was a wonderful day, I wonder if they still do that!. Kathy


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