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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bonanzaville in West Fargo, North Dakota

We went out yesterday with not many expectations we ended up finding a real jewel. If your ever near West Fargo you must go to this tourist attraction. The best part was being the end of the season there was hardly anyone there. It was an all day adventure with many museums, about several homes, a church, school house, First house in Fargo, drugstores, Train station, barber shop, a bandstand, saloon, hotel... oh you name it and it was there... all from the late 1800's. They were all completely furnished with artifacts and antigues from that period of time and some of them actually from the home they were actually in. All in all there were a total of 38 buildings. Many of the 2 stories and we went in all of them... By the end of day and 567 photos later I was exhausted.. Thank goodness Ralph decided to take me out for dinner... Now if I can just decide which pictures I want to share with you all...

This is a drug store from the 1885.

There was even the home of the man (David Houston) who invented the roll film camera and sold the rights to Eastman of Eastman-Kodak.. He was a very wealthy man and his home in 1886 cost $7000.00. This is only a part of his home it was much larger.

A courthouse from 1904 and a Church that was built in 1898 and it held services til 1967.

There was a tractor museum, firehouse museum, plane museum, a car museum, a telephone museum, a historic museum, wagon museum... like I said they had it all... Well it took all day but I got the pictures added... Til next time

Hugs And Kisses


Raxx - A day in the life said...

This is so wonderful!! Real authentic history!!

Bo said...

Hi Donna...nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by my lil ole blog. You and hubby are living a great retirement life...I always wanted to do that, but guess I'll just have to read your blog and go along with you on the ride...LOL
;-) Bo

Justine said...

Ooh, I would have loved to see more pictures! These were really cool. Were there guides to take you through the buildings, or you just wandered on your own?

Justine :o )

SG said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing historical buildings. I live near where Washington crossed the Delaware River and I always think it's so cool.

We went to Boston and saw Paul Revere's house. At least I think it was... hhhmmm. Have to ask hubby, we also had a few Boston beers and my memery might be off. lol.


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