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Saturday, September 13, 2008

On our way to Fargo We Saw......

Ok... traveling down the road you sometimes see thing you just can't believe and they give you a huge laugh... I am adding some photos of a few of those things... Now be kind about the quality of the photos.. we are moving at 65 MPH and the weather is a little cloudy with light rain... To relate to the size of these photos try to notice the power poles around them.. The first was a HUGE sculpture of a Holstein cow named Sue and the billboard telling about her.

The second thing we saw was what they claimed to be the World's Largest Metal Sculpture called Geese in Flight:

The third is supposedly the World's Largest Bison:

We arrived around 12:30 at Lindenwood Campground a city park in Fargo. Our beautiful wooded campsite is nestled along the Red River, adding to the wilderness feeling we both enjoy so much. It has a lot of trails that you can ride a bike or walk on. Also is a bridge which goes over the river right into a Minnesota Park called Gooseberry Mound Park. I didn't even realize that Fargo was so close to Minnesota.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Before reading the last paragraph i was like, where's the pics!! But i understand, the camp site sounds heavenly!

Justine said...

Argh! I wanna see the pictures!!!!!!!!!! Hurry up internet connection! Don't do this to us!

Justine :o )

nikkicrumpet said...

I love the sculpture. I think it's so cool when people put stuff like that out in the middle of nowhere. I so wish I could do what you guys are doing. So many cool things to see.

Anonymous said...


Lovely Pics! I agree with Nikki, that sculpture is awesome!



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