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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thomas the train and I got TAGGED!

Yes it is true.... I love you so go get your annual mammogram so I can bug you and you can bug me right back....

Today my hubby & I took a little ride right up the road in the park to get these cute little photo's of Thomas the Train... My little 2 1/2 year old grandsons just adore Thomas and all his friends... And I can see why... isn't he just plain adorable...

That's not Thomas... it is his friend big freight train who kept us from getting to Thomas for a few minutes.... Bad Boy

This is Thomas.... Look how nice he was posing for me to take pictures for sharing with you all

Look at all the passenger cars he has to take all his little friends for a ride in... A BIG weekend here for all the little ones... Games, treats, food and a chance to meet Mr. Topem Hatt

Dawn over at Dawnies Life if by the Sea has tagged me… YIPEE!!! So here I go again… but luckily I am so weird that I can handle this one more time or two…

1. I am obsessive about holiday decorations… I have many totes in storage of decorations for every holiday and I can’t resist buying new stuff every year…. When I had my home, BM (before motorhome), I would completely pack up my dishes, linens (including sheets, blankets and spreads) in every room, pictures, nik naks, almost everything in the house and replace it with the current holiday decorations…

2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ice Cream…. No matter how full you are there is always room for Ice Cream… It just fills in the spaces

3. I am the ultimate Pollyanna which annoys some of my love ones and friends… I never see the glass as half empty but always half full… with the chance someone may fill it the rest of the way

4. There is nothing I won’t try at least once… and if I hesitate and someone dares me I am there on it like white on rice….

5. Don’t tell me I can’t do it…. Because I will push myself till I drop trying to do it….

6. I may be pushing 60 but in my mind I am still 18 and that does get me into trouble now and again….. more now

You lucky little bloggers I am tagging…. Please forgive me!!!

1. Jill @ Jill’s Believe It Or Not - My new friend... Sorry but this will be a good break into the Bloggin world...

2. Jan @ Jan & Tom's Place - Just list the lawnmower incident... that'll win the prize... Just kidding you know I love you....

3. Gloria @ Happy To Be - Sorry honey... as one of my cute little newbies I had to....

4. Artie @ Color Outside The Lines - Don't be mad.... I LOVE you!!!! Besides you had that long story on your post and you could have included just one newbie... ME!!!

5. Ginger @ The Gingerbread Shed - My sweet friend what can I say... I know you have something to list... spill it for us all to read

6. Cheryl @ Blueberry Buttons - Little sweet one... your so young to have to list weird things but I have faith in you to do it....

Now that I have spilt my guts again it is your turn to answer and pass this on to some poor unsuspecting blogger buddy… or NOT!!!!

Chris has arrived safely and we had our first BIG card game in a long time with the hubbies and I must say we girls slammed them.... Girls ROCK! LOL LOL

Today we are heading to Plains, Ga. (Jimmy Carter's hometown) and Americus a cute little old town... Chris and I will have to arm wrestle to see how will blog about what... LOL LOL

Until Later

Hugs And Kisses


Jerry and Suzy said...

Hi! Thomas is delightful. We saw his cousin last year in a railroad museum in Carson City, Nevada. Don't know if the cousin is ever let out to roll down the tracks.

Keep 'em coming!

Baba said...

Good morning Donna, thanks for showing us Thomas the train...I love riding trains and need to do that again..the last time I rode a train was 10 years ago...my mom and I went to Washington,D.C. to visit my daughter who lived there at that time..it was so much fun..

Have a great day with Chris... it is always fun to get together with friends. Hugs, Baba

Tootsie said...

there is a little boy next door who would just die to have been there! have a great week end!

Ginger said...

Hi Donna:
How cute Thomas is. I would love to ride on him. Oops that doesn't sound right, sorry. lol. You know what I mean. Haven't ridden on a train since I was a kid at Knotts Berry Farm. I bet you and Chris will be having so much fun...and show those men how to play cards!!! You both do great blogs so we want to hear about all of the sights you see...from both of you.
Thanks for tagging me...My first one. I hope I do it right.

Bridget said...

How cute! I want to take a ride on Thomas.
Just popping in to say hi. I just got home last night. It is going to take me a long time to catch up on all of my blog reading but I will try to read everyone's posts from last week!
Hugs, Bridget

Anonymous said...

yes, we did beat the socks off them, it's skill when they win, but it's the luck of the draw when we win. LOL


Gone said...

Thanks for the visit and well wishes.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Oh I would love for my kids to see Thomas! Ah well! You and Chris rock! I love beating men at card games!

Buffie said...

HA! He IS cute!! Thanks for sharing your photos, I have to show my husband, he loves trains of any kind!


Anonymous said...

Evening Donna! Oh, little Thomas is so photogenic!! My Mr. Precious is really a train guy. He loves trains. Our train museum in our town was ruined by the hurricane. Such a shame!!

Woo Hoo! You go girls! Glad you're having so much fun!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm with you..the glass IS half full...if not completely full!!! have a great night!

bj said...

Oh, seeing Thomas brings back memories of my first little grandson..he did love Thomas and all his friends.
Sounds like you are having fun...I loved reading all the things about you!
Have fun, stay safe...
love, bj
oh, and I am almost 71 and still feel 18 at times, too. My sweet son*in*law is always saying I'm 70 going on 15......hee hee....

Justine said...

Wow, a real Thomas! I hate that damn train though. That has to be one of the most annoying kids shows ever! LOL!
I'm so glad you're hanging with Chris, but you never told me how long you've been friends. Email me!

Justine :o )

Picket said...

Ohhhh my grandsons would love that!! Great tag girl! Tell Chris I said hello and my sister and her hubby went to Plains GA and actually went to church where President Carter was and got to go up and shake his hand!!! Take care girl and you and Chris have a great time and take lots of pics for us!!!!

Anonymous said...

Morning you little Yankee, you!! I'm so glad you have learned the error of your ways and you're acting Southern now! lol
Hope you'll like this recipe. We love it! I like the creamed corn in there, it helps make it moist.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

SG said...

Oooh! I heard about the Thomas the Train going around the country or something like that. I should see if he's ever by me for my girls.

I'm not an ice cream person at all. My hubby looooooves it. LOL that it just fills in all the spaces!

And I love Pollyanna!

I really enjoyed reading your answers. You have a great sense of humor.

Give Chris a hug for me... because you can! And go beat those men again.


Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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