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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm!!!!

First things first... Here is my usual something pink... Flowers for all my girlfriends. A gentle but nagging reminder about calling your GYN and scheduling that ever important check up... If your a man please make your wife call her doctor...

Now on to the other stuff... When we got up yesterday morning we had fully intended on going into Memphis but I woke up with such a sinus headache we postponed it to Thursday... After some really strong meds I felt a a lot better so we went outside to sit and you know, do nothing... Then the Mac Daddy of all barges came down the river... This load was so big it had 3 barges pushing it and what looked like a riverboat on the side... Ralph said it was the equipment that they use to dredge out the channels in the river... Anywho here are some photos of the barge & tugs.

These following pictures are all on Barge... Double click on the first picture and you will see the entire Barge and tugs... The second picture will show you the 3 tugs pushing from the rear... it looks like 2 but if you enlarge the picture you will see a tiny tug in the middle.


Next is the strangest vehicle I have ever seen in any RV park in 40 years of camping... It is made by UNICAT and it looks like a garbage truck to me but I understand it is a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle that can keep occupants comfortable in temperatures ranging from 70 below to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This one had an entire section that raise up to make a second story.

Now I know you may not be interested in this BUT maybe your DH's will enjoy seeing it... It is sure a different way to go but in my opinion these people have more money the sense.. Still looks like a garbage truck to me... I might be wrong...

Well raining today and if it stops we definitely are hitting the city of Memphis... we are going to go into town and take the trolley around and of course go to Blues City Cafe for those RIBS... If not we always have tomorrow

Until Later

Hugs And Kisses


Lin said...

HI!!! I'm so glad I found you!! LOVE your blog! I tried to send a note but it was returned -- I wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and wonderful encouragement!!!

Anonymous said...

It might be sturdy, but it's not pretty.Never seen anything like that before


Bo said...

Morning Donna...Garbage truck it is!...I goofed up yesterday & accidently deleted my following on your blog, but I'm back on ..Duh!
;-) Bo

Ginger said...

That is a strange looking motorhome and I agree with you, looks like a garbage truck. I bet they spent some pretty pennies buying that. I wonder if it's custom made? I've never seen anything like it. Personally, I like some windows in an RV.
Like your river pictures and the barges.

Tim said...

Thanks for visiting my site and linking to it. I hope they find a cure soon.
My mother in law also winters
in Palm Harbor.

Take care Tim

Gone said...

Love everything you shared today!!

As for the roses, I loved the frosted one, too!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Very interesting stuff~~must call DH in and take a look see at this! HAve a little something for you on my blog;) French

Baba said...

Hi Donna, What a funny looking RV..I would love to see the interior..strange things around us all of the time..thanks for sharing your pictures with us and I hope you enjoyed your day.Hugs, Baba

Penny said...

Talk about the least feminine looking thing eva'. I just don't see a boquet of flowers on the nightstand inside, do you? hahaha I also bet that they have never, not once have had anyone think about robbing that thing even if the door was left open. Can't you see some type of machine gun just come out of nowhere with a long haired international looking bad guy behind it? Okay, so I guess it gives me the creeps and I couldn't imagine sleeping in it. BUT, what if they painted a big beautiful mural all over it? Something happy and garden like? Oh no, then it would like a lawn treatment truck. Okay, how about some trees and blue skies so it just blends in to the campground environment? There ya go.
Hugs, P


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