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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elvis has left the Building

Here is your gentle reminder... My something PINK

Friday we finally got off our butts and made our way into Memphis... Home of the BLUES, Birthplace of Rock n Roll ... I have so many pictures for you I hope it doesn't get to boring for everyone... We left fairly early in the morning and arrived in Memphis around 9:30... we drove all around town looking at things we found interesting in a little tour book... We knew they had a trolley that went around the city and we wanted to ride that too but couldn't find a depot or a place to park near one when we did find it... So after riding through town we went over to the River Park Visitor Center to ask them all about that... It just so happened it was right across the street from the visitor center... So we boarded the trolley and for $3.50 each we rode it all day and got on and off at our own leisure. If you ever go to Memphis this is the way to see the town. We decided not to go to Graceland since I had already been there but to see the other things we wanted to see... I love architecture of buildings so that was one of my to do's... SO hear are some things we saw....

Here is my Ralphie getting onto the Trolley and a full shot of the Trolley

Ralph again sitting inside the Town Trolley and a picture of the other Trolley that only traveled up and down on Main Street

A bronze statue of ELVIS "King of Rock n Roll" and BB King "King of the Blues"

The Mosaic Egg was sitting outside the Visitors Center and a view of the Memphis skyline

This beautiful building is called the Pyramid (DUH!) which up until 4 years ago was the sports arena in Memphis... It now sits empty and a lot of bums hang around it..

This is the new sports arena ... I would guess that FED-EX sponsored them...

Well we have made it back to Beale Street and the Blues City Cafe...

Here is pictures of Beale Street... It is a swinging place at night with all the night clubs

Here we are two hungry travelers just waiting for those RIBS... I think Ralph was saying YUM YUM! Bring on the RIBS....

OHHHH!!!! Lookie Lookie here they are and don't they look great... The salad was good but Oh those RIBS... YUMO I sure had no room for dessert after eating this big rack of ribs..

Inside shot of Blues City Cafe'

These next pictures are a few buildings of which many I had taken... I snapped hundreds of shots in the city. These I just thought were wonderful architectural designs...

This is the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. It now houses the National Civil Rights Museum... This was a major turning point in history.

A view down a city street and the County Court Building

Here is the police station built in the early 1900's and a Lutheran Church from same time period.

This building is an old Fire Station built in the early 1900's. It is now a museum and a memorial to the fireman who have lost their lives helping others... My SIL is a Fireman & EMT

OK girls... I put these two pictures in for those of you who have not seen Graceland... Home of the KING and his grave site... These were actually taken from the last time we were here. But I thought you would like to see them

Hope it wasn't to painful with so many pictures... I really had a lot more I would have liked to shown you... Memphis is a pretty cool town and we give it thumbs up for visiting...

Until Later

Hugs And Kisses


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have to comment about Graceland you know how I felt about that. And oh those ribs, I can still taste them. I will say I didn't realize Memphis had so many beautiful buildings. Where we went wasn't a very nice representation of the city.It was dirty and dreary, not to mention scary. But, we weren't there very long and I had to go say hi to the KING. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Morning, Donna!! Oh, I've just loved the tour of Memphis!! That's one place I've never been and now you've made me want to go all the more! Looks like you two are having a great time!!

Donna, thank you so much for the award!! I will have the post up with my pros and cons on Tuesday morning. Thanks again! I may go ahead and put up the little award on my site. I'm so glad we've met, not just because you've given me the award (lol) but because I'm really enjoying getting to know you!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Donna I loved the tour! I really enjoy touring America with you! You know there is always Wordless Wednesdays, that's where you can just post pics and describe them briefly, I would love to see more of your pics!

Oh I looove ribs, they must have been awesome!

I felt sadness seeing where MLK as assasinated, it happened the year I was born.

Thanks for the tour!

Lisa (aka) French said...

I have never been to Graceland tahnk you so much for sharing that! I want to get there one day! French;)
Oh and I loved all the architecture shots;)

Justine said...

You could never add too many pictures for me! Donna, you are sooooooooo pretty! I loved looking at the pictures of Ralphie boy too. He looked so happy to be getting lunch! LOL!
The picture of the motel where MLK died nearly gave me chills... it's just so sad to think about. What a great man.

Loved all the building shots. Some of them were truly beautiful, especially the Lutheran church! Why oh why have they left that pyramid building empty? It's soooooooo neat looking. The new sports center is ugly!

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...


I can not thank you enough for sharing those wonderful pics!!!! Memphis IS beautiful! I was going to take a job there a few years back but decided against it!

Those Ribs looked yummy!

I agree with Justine!!! You are so beautiful! I love your smile.. your husband is a cutie too!

Hey when you & my Darling chris get together be sure to take so good pics and make those wings! :)


Baba said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for sharing your trip to Memphis with us.I have been to visit Graceland, but was not in a nice part of the city and I missed seeing all of these buildings..I love ribs too even if they are messy to eat..you and Ralph are a cute couple..Have a good day. hugs, Baba

nikkicrumpet said...

Man...I am hungry for some lip smacking ribs...DANG!! there isn't a good rib place anywhere in New England! I love the trolley...it looks like you guys had such a marvelous time!!!

Bo said...

Hi Donna...you are one CLASSY lady and how do I know? Because you wore a WHITE shirt to eat ribs...LOL...I'd have slopped stuff all over my tig old bitties 'cuz they're usually in my plate!Keep those pics coming.
;-) Bo

Ginger said...

Hi Donna:
Great pictures again. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it all. Can you send some ribs my way? lol.
I enjoyed the memorial for the fallen firefighters (my S.I.L. is a firefighter, also). Enjoyed seeing Graceland too.
Had to laugh at the comment Bo made...eating ribs with a white shirt on. I would of had bbq sauce all over myself too.

Unknown said...

Great tour of Memphis! Thanks for coming to my Halloween party.

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Hello Sweet Donna! Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! Love your post today. I enjoyed the pictures. It looked like you really had a great time. You know, you take really good pictures! Have a great night. Looking forward to tomorrow. I am going to start writing everyones names on their piece of paper. The girls can't wait to pull their picks tomorrow! hugs, Ellen

Deb said...

Hi Donna! I went to see BB King in person last month, he really put on a great show. I really enjoyed your tour of Memphis and look forward to more pictures of your trip. I'm so glad we met by chance at Raxx's the other night! Stay safe. Deb

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