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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oddities & Musums Galore ~ PEI

We have been at Marco Pololand RV Resort for a week and wanted to extend our stay for another but sadly they were all booked up, so if you come this way be sure to book early and for as long as you want to stay.  Finally we found another park & made, Sun N Shade Campground (click here for review) located on the right on 1 a couple of miles after you get off Confederation Bridge.

These yards had such GREAT stuff decorating them and the view on the last photo was incredible
So we had a few of days of visiting some interesting places ~ first to visit was while we were driving down the road.  We saw some very interesting things on the side of the road.  Love the way the people here get into decorating their yards with whatnots and stuff.  So we ran across this place that said Hannah's Bottle Houses so we had to stop and check it out ~ there was no charge to see them but you could leave a donation if you wanted too.  The houses were made entirely of cement and bottles of all kinds.  Each house was dedicated to one of their grandchildren, a sister, mother and their father.
Each on had a theme ~ there was a house, schoolhouse, tavern, and a lighthouse.  What a fun place to visit and what a gorgeous place to have a house and the small little village. Also all the money collected went to a charity.
What an amazing little village
Another stop we made was to the Canadian Potato Museum which is located in the community of O'Leary. It is surrounded by fertile potato growing fields where the humble potato has played an important role in their economy for many years. The museum depicts an interesting display of the potato industry, and houses a large collection of farm implements and machinery related to the growing and harvesting of potatoes. In fact, this museum contains the largest exhibit of potato artifacts in the world!  There is also a small cafe where you can get ~ wait for it ~ Potatoes in almost any form,,, French fried, baked, soup, cinnamon rolls, fudge, cakes, cookies, etc etc. Collectors of the curious will be pleased to find the giant sculptured potato at the entrance to the museum is made of fiberglass and stands 14 feet high and is 7 feet in diameter.

 The most popular potato on PEI, the Russet Burbank, is for frozen french fries and as a baking potato. Other varieties grown include Shepody, Kennebec, Superior, Yukon Gold, Goldrush, Century Russet, and Chieftain. Currently more than 30 varieties of potatoes are grown to supply customers in North and South America, Europe, the mid-East and Africa.
The complex includes other attractions on site such as the Heritage Chapel, the Log Barn and the Little Red Schoolhouse.

It was a fun day for us and we really learned alot about potatoes... LOL LOL Thanks to my latest followers Leeanne & Gary from The BoonDocks who are fairly new to our fulltiming lifestyle ~ so go on over and pay them a visit.
Have Fun & Travel Safe


Elaine said...

wow how did we miss all of that whenever we toured the island...its on our list for next time for sure...travel safe friends...see you soon

Elaine said...

wow how did we miss all of that whenever we toured the island...its on our list for next time for sure...travel safe friends...see you soon

Jim and Sandie said...

Those are the kinds of places I love. We went to the potato museum in ID and had a great time. Those bottle buildings are beautiful. Such a fun day.

Sue and Doug said...

you are sure doing up PEI right!!

Karen and Al said...

Love the colorful bottle village.

Ginger said...

Hi Donna:
You always go to the neatest places!!! I enjoyed the pics.

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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