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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lobsters Big & Small ~ What Fun

While you are visiting the area of Mount Desert and you have some time go visit the Mount Desert Oceanarium & Lobster Hatchery ~ is located at 1351 State Route 3, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 and is open daily 9 to 5 except Sundays.

When we went by it on the way into Bar Harbor we instantly knew we wanted to go there and see what it was all about.  So on a rainy day we hopped into the car and headed over there ~ luckily for us it stopped raining as we arrived.

As soon as you enter the front office you are greeted by several young people who are interning here.  After purchasing your tickets you are given a schedule of times for the different events...
Our first event was the Discovery Pool where they showed you different sea critters and told you what they were.  You could hold them if you wanted to but we left that to the kids...

Discovery Pool
Enlarge to see the thousands of eggs in her tail
After visiting the Discovery Pool it was off to the Lobster Hatchery where they get Female Lobsters that have eggs attached from Lobster Fisherman.  They put them into a tank where the eggs will hatch a little at a time and then when the female is all done delivering the babies they are released back into the ocean.  NOTE: The female Lobster carries the eggs inside her for a year and then they are released to her tail where she carries them for another year.  YIKES!  As soon as they hatch they scoop them up and put them into a tank where they number how many are in there and when they were born .  They raise the babies until they are about 2 inches long and then through a special release program they are released back into the sea where only about 50% will reach maturity.  It was very interesting and the intern who gave us the demonstration was so passionate about what she was talking about.  That made it all the more interesting.

After the Lobster Hatchery it was off to the Thomas Bay Marsh Nature Walk where we learned about the plant vegetation and wildlife.  Our guide took us through explainingwhy the marsh exist and how the plants and wildlife partake in that.  It was a great time and we really enjoyed all the information we learned.

Last but not least was our one on one chat with Oceanarium director & owner David Mills. David relishes his role of teacher and enjoys taking his time to explain the Oceanarium and the life of a Fisherman/ Lobster career.  He is an outstanding man and very interesting talk to.  This is his passion and you can hear his love for it in his chat.

It was a great day and we really enjoyed our time at the Oceanarium ~
Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Karen and Al said...

That was so interesting about the female lobsters. I've seen a lot of Florida lobsters with eggs. I don't think they hatch the same way, but I guess I'll have to check it out!

That's a great way to keep the fishery alive, isn't it? I'll bet 10% don't survive in the wild.

Travels with Emma said...

What an interesting place to tour. I had never heard of a lobster hatchery before.

Jim and Sandie said...

This is definitely the kind of place I would thoroughly enjoy. Fascinating info - especially the female carrying her eggs for TWO years.

Jeff said...

That is one interesting tour.

Bob and Jo said...

You guys keep adding things to our list when we visit the area


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