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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where did I park my broom?

I was excited today as we went to visit one of my favorite cities ~ Salem, Massachusetts. Best known for the witch trials that took place in 1692, Salem sure does bewitch you with its seaside charm, its maritime history and spellbinding beauty. We followed the Red Line along the sidewalks which took us on our journey through historic sites, including the Witch Trial Memorial, the Old Burying Point Cemetery and more. The Bewitched statue, the Witch Museum and the Witch Dungeon which conjured up diverse takes on witchery through history. Salem  is also full of old homes that are huge and full of  history.

We spent the day visiting the city ~ We have visited Salem many times and today we had decided to take the trolley that goes around town even though you can pretty much walk around the city ~ you can ride the trolley if want to just to hear some of the history and that is what we did.   Also there is the Salem Maritime National Historic Site on the wharf that you can visit and then perhaps stroll the waterfront and eat at one of the local restaurants.  We ate outside on the patio at Capts'... Great Clam Chowdha!

The port of Salem was at its prime between the end of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. By the time the crisis with Britain was reached in 1775, aggressive sea captains such as Richard Derby and George Crowninshield had accumulated great wealth, primarily due to the cod fish export and molasses import trades. Trading cod brought valuable cargoes of Valencia oranges, Malaga grapes, Bilbao iron, Cadiz salt and Madeira wines back to Salem, while molasses from the West Indies fueled the very profitable rum industry.

 I just love this Mystic City from the witch trails - to the history of the port and Nathanial Hawthorne who wrote House of Seven Gables... which is here and you can visit it too. If your into fortune tellers and physics then there is plenty of that here too along with great little shops and restaurants.  We had a great day revisiting Salem and I know I'll be back.
Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Karen and Al said...

Looks like another interesting city.

Donna K said...

I've always been fascinated with that whole part of history. Thanks for the tour and all the great photos. Enjoyed it!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Witch trials. From some of the women here this morning, I am not so sure witch trials are such a bad idea!
Just kidding. The heat always makes tempers flare, and it is certainly hot here!

Travels with Emma said...

Do you use Picasa to edit your photos and make collages? If so, how do you get the black dividers on the collages? My only option seems to be white.

Elaine said...

and another exciting day in your life..:)....did ya ever find the broom??? lol

Bob and Jo said...

Does it get any better than witches, history and clam chowder.


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