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Friday, June 1, 2012

Reflections of PA Dutch Country

We had to move to another campground for the Holiday weekend ~ We almost got caught with no place to stay since the holiday crept up on me and I didn't have any reservations made for it.  We called around to many RV parks and finally found one and without hesitation we gave them our credit card and made reservations at Country Haven Campground. (Click here for my review) They said they had 2 sites left and because it was a holiday weekend we had to stay minimum of 4 nights @ $53.00 per night (no refunds). OK we'll do that!  Then we went to RVparkreviews.com & read the reviews for it ~ which usually we do first.  Almost everyone said the park was really nice but the woman who owned it was VERY quirky.  They had a lot of GREAT sites but ours had only 30 amp which we can live with but it was bad voltage.  We couldn't run anything... and unlevel is putting it mildly ~ we used 3 thick boards to level out and still it wasn't perfect.  But it was a very beautiful campground and the sites up on the ridge were really nice.

OK we finally got set up and as always we enjoyed the 4 days completely and all my worrying was for naught.  We didn't  have any problems with the owners and we had fun exploring more of the countryside. We enjoyed finding Amish Farms that sold baked goods, home made Ice cream, butter & milk, quilts and wood crafts & furniture!  It was great riding around seeing the Amish proceed with their everyday chores and living ~ especially seeing the kids playing and enjoying fun times.

Here is a slide show of things we have seen during our 3 weeks here in PA Dutch Country

Tuesday we leave for Cape Cod and will be boondocking the first night at Exit 2 on I-84 in Connecticut, then continuing the next day towards Bourne, Mass.  We'll be staying at the Bay View Campground and visiting my old stomping grounds and surrounding areas.

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love your reviews. I think I may be "quirky", too. I am a little rabid about speeding. And bathrooms. I have never required a minimum stay on holidays and until this year always manged to fill the sites left with those traveling through.

Travels with Emma said...

$53/night is more than I've ever paid for a campsite, but I haven't traveled in the east in a long time.

Jim and Sandie said...

$53 a night would definitely make me pause. I always try to keep track of holiday week-ends and plan to be sitting some place. About the only time I really do much planning except when we're pulling the boat along behind us and we need sites that are at least 72 feet long. Quirky is fine as long as it's not too weird.

Luci & Loree said...

Thank You for the slide show, it was a quiet, beautiful interlude in a gentler land, this morning!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful slide show! I'm wondering if the Amish folks were shy about being photographed?

Jeff said...

Awesome slide show. THANKS for sharing it!

Rod said...

Loved the slide show!


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