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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Passport Stamp

I know you think I am traveling out of the country when in fact it is a Passport Stamp in my National Park Passport book.  For those of you who don't already know about it ~ the National Park Service has a book or notebook you can purchase along with stamp collections they release every year (since 1986) of different parks.  Well when you visit a National Park, Monument, National Seashore, anything sponsored by the NPS you can get a cancellation stamp in your book.  Also on the blank pages I get other stamps ~ visitor centers, site seeing places and even Post office.  OK now here is why the title ~ we got a stamp at the Cape Cod National Seashore.... It is a fun thing to do!
A great hobbie for travelers!!

So we headed off early in the morning for the Cape Cod National Seashore which runs from Eastham to Provincetown on the cape. Our first stop along the way was the NP Visitor Center located in Eastham.  There we saw a movie on the development of the Cape and how the Ice Age played an important roll in it its shape and lakes... They also had exhibits that you could stroll through and learn the different sea creatures, birds and plant life that is in the area.  After that we picked up our National Park map and headed out to explore. Oh yes and got our stamp♥  Also along the way we ran into several Lighthouses which we always enjoy visiting.

Three Sisters Lighthouse ~ Nauset Lighthoust ~ Chatham Lighthouse
 There are many many miles of beaches and small quaint towns included in this drive.  Also just getting there and back to our RV park we saw a lot of great things like Historic houses and Cranberry bogs. We didn't go all the way to Provincetown since we have been there several times but if you have never been there, then it is perhaps a place you should visit at least once.  A different kinda town with a lot of artsy shops and people.  Fun to explore!

Of course you can't visit Cape Cod without over indulging in Seafood ~ Especially Clams, Lobster and famous Clam Chowder ~ so todays feast was at the very popular Arnold's Lobster & Clam Shack in Eastham.  Very close to the Cape Cod National Park Visitors Center.  This place is a must when you visit Cape Cod. Now be forewarned ~ go early to beat the crowds and bring cash because they don't accept credit cards BUT they are well worth it all.  It is a Calm Shack that grew & grew....

Yes you are seeing clear ~ that is a very yummy 3# lobster with drawn butter ♥

You get a ton of food and it is by far the best seafood we have had on this trip!!!
Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Jessica Riker said...

Wow, great pictures!! :) Looks like you are having wonderful weather - the scenery is beautiful. I love that area - especially the New England clam "chowdah" yum. Have a great time! :)

Sue and Doug said...

you got some great photos on this tour of Cape Cod..the lobster looks yummy!..glad that the two of you are enjoying your adventure up the eastern seaboard!!

Travels with Emma said...

My mouth is drooling!

Karen and Al said...

Another beautiful place. How has the weather been? Sure wish we could go somewhere cooler.

Russ Krecklow said...

We really enjoy our Passport to Your National Parks. It's a neat record of the places you've been, and their stamp photos are really cool.

You've done a great job sharing your visits, and I appreciate seeing all the things and places that we may never get a chance to see otherwise.

Thanks for sharing.

Jeff said...

Your pictures and description of the foods sure makes me hungry. We continue to enjoy traveling along with you thru the blog.

Jim and Sandie said...

Love lighthouse pictures. My husband is drooling all over the computer looking at the seafood.

Rick and Orinda said...

We almost went to New England this summer, but headed west instead. Those lobsters and chowder really make me miss being down east! Great post - at least I can tag along with you.

Bob and Jo said...

Love lobsters, lighthouses and great scenery

Great post

Janna and Mike said...

I guess I will enjoy the northeast through your eyes this summer, I highly doubt I could ever get my crowd phobic husband up there!

Susan and Sam said...

Thanks for the info on the National Park passport book. We have the Florida one but we'll definitely be getting the National one also.
Great lighthouse pictures!


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