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Friday, May 25, 2012

What Did We Find On Our Ride through Amish Country?

We took off for the day with plans of riding through the country and seeing what fun it brings to us ~ In the small town of Intercourse we came across the Intercourse Canning Company and also the Intercourse Pretzel Factory.  Both were interesting but we really liked quite a lot of the goods at the canning company.  The pretzel company was OK but we did have fun going in and making a pretzel by hand.

The Intercourse Canning Company offers over 300 products that freshly packed by local Amish and Mennonite folk, who work daily to produce various brand jarred goods.

 Not only are their products the best in the field, they're right great tasting. You can order products directly from their list of pickled vegetables, relishes, salsas, jams, jellies, pancake mixes, pretzel mixes and much more. They had many sample of the relishes and sauces which were delicious. We bought a Spicy Pepper relish, Corn Relish and Pickled Beets. I might even go back before we leave to buy a few other products.

On our visit to the pretzel factory today it surely convinced us that there are still somethings handmade in today’s world. Only a handful of companies still hand twist a hard pretzel. It is a lot of work to bake pretzels the old-fashioned way. The taste & texture is unique.

They have a free 10-15 minute tour, where they explain how they make hard pretzels and then give you a piece of dough so you can learn to twist a pretzel. When you are finished, the dough is discarded as there is no sanitary way to bake your pretzel. You are awarded with an official pretzel twister sticker for your efforts which we put into our passport book under misc stamps.

We went to eat at another PA Dutch Restaurant called Dienner's Country Restaurant but it in no way compare to Shady Maple.  It was still good and the service was excellent but was the same price with only a about 1/6 of the food choices.  It was located on the Lincoln Hwy, or Highway 30 East. Souderburg, Pa.  Do you know about the Lincoln Highway? ~  It is a Historic Highway which ran from New York City to San Fransisco before the US routes were designated.  This is a route that Ralph & I have been talking about trying to follow one day kinda like Route 66.  So I was surprised to be on a part of it today and get to see one of the many Historic Landmarks that we have heard so much about ~ The Dutch Windmill aka Dutch Haven (Home of the Shoofly Pie). 

Visitors have been coming to Lancaster County by traveling Route 30 for literally hundreds of years. But for over 50 years, a very special building has signaled their arrival in Amish Country. It’s been around long enough that folks tell their grandchildren about it. It has a claim on being the area’s oldest visitor landmark. Most importantly, it’s the “place that made shoo-fly pie famous.” That building is the landmark Dutch Haven windmill, with its revolving arms still beckoning travelers to stop and come inside.

We are really enjoying are time here♥
Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Jeff said...

We had to stock up on on goodies from the canning company also. It seemed like everything we sampled we had to purchase.

Hootin' Anni said...

First off....excuse me while I finish my Hershey's....okay, that was yummy!!!!

Now to the Amish Country. I find them so fascinating and I at times would envy their lifestyle. It all seems so simple and yet so divine. I admire their lives. This was some great reading Donna.

Happytrails said...

Nice tour of Amish Country! I would really enjoy that canning company. Sounds like you found some good places to eat and taste the local flavor!! Thanks for sharing!

Travels with Emma said...

I would have been buying up several jars of the marinated mushrooms!

So, did you buy a Shoo-Fly Pie??

Sue and Doug said...

nice tour once again..the pretzel twisting sounds like it was a good time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! Oh, this sounds like so much fun! Now I have to admit, that is such a strange name of that Amish town! :) Looks like that would be very offensive to them.
I would love to visit.
I'd like some peaches and corn! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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