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Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Fun & More Food ~ What can I say!

I made a BIG boo boo ~ forgot there was a holiday weekend approaching and had no reservations anywhere.  We leave the Hershey Thousand Trails on the Friday before the weekend and my original plan was to move on up the highway towards New Haven Connecticut.  Soon I realized that the Memorial Day Weekend was coming up and started calling for ressies but to no avail.  Everywhere we had wanted to stay was booked solid and we couldn't extend here because we used our 14 days and they were full on all other plans like Passport, Encore and any others they may have accepted.  So on the phone trying to find a place ~ we decided to stay in the general area since we were really enjoying it here.  Finally we found a nice campground in New Holland and got the last spot!  Thank goodness~~~ So we were saved this time.

Campbelltown Cafe ~ PA
Bob at the RV park he asked if we had been to Campbelltown Cafe' and if not we should go.  Well it doesn't take much to convince us to go out for food and soon we were on our way out for breakfast. If you ever come here this is a wonderful place to eat plus the staff is delightful!

Eggs Benedict ~ Our Waitress Mira ~ Sausage & Gravy with Eggs

The rest of the day was a do nothing day ~ We did take Tiffy to the groomers and had all her hair cut off... she is a much cooler now and seems to be doing a lot better.  However over the next few days we continued to drive through the countryside and enjoyed looking at all the Amish farms.

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!



Jim and Sandie said...

Holiday week-ends are always a challenge when you're on the road. We definitely try to make sure we're settled somewhere. Sure glad it worked out for you. And you are in such a fun area. Been a few years since we were there for your posts have brought back some great memories.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Oh my! How scary it might be to not have a place to be over a big weekend like this. We have always tried to hunker down in the back corner somewhere over the biggie weekends because all the parks would be overrun with campers, who for the most park aren't true RVers who know how to behave!

Jim said...

We made the same mistake one of the first years that we were full-timing. Ended up staying in an overflow area at a park with very poor electric and 90 deg temperatures.

Because of the area we will be in this year, I have already booked a site for us for the 4th of July. When I called a few days ago, they said that they only had 2 sites left!!


Unknown said...

When you live like we do it is easy to forget that its a holiday sometimes. Glad you found a spot. I keep waiting for the day we have to spend a weekend traveling from one Walmart to another because we don't have a reservation on a holiday!

Travels with Emma said...

It worked out for me here at the COE park for this weekend, but now I'm going to start worrying about July 4. :(

Jeff said...

Where is the Campbelltown Cafe? It is either fairly new (say last 5 years) or we missed it when we were in that area. Have to add it to our list for our next trip to that area.

Sue and Doug said...

enjoy the weekend!..glad you found a place to park!!!


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