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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Historic Fredericksburg Virginia

Boyhood home of George Washington and the site of crucial Civil War Battles Fredericksburg is one interesting place to hang out & visit. There are trolley tours  or horse drawn carriages to go site seeing in town but we chose to drive a car & walk around the historic areas.

The first place we went to was Mary Washington's house ~ Mary mother of George...

In 1772, George Washington purchased a house from Michael Robinson in Fredericksburg, Virginia for his mother. Mary Ball Washington spent her last seventeen years in this comfortable home. The white frame house sits on the corner of Charles and Lewis Streets and was in walking distance to Kenmore, home of Mary's daughter Betty Fielding Lewis. Also to her other son's, Charles, house which is now called Rising Sun Tavern which is what it was turned into after he sold it.  You can also tour that.
Tradition has it that, during the Revolution, General Lafayette found Mrs. Washington in her garden attending her favorite hobby. The President-to-be came to this home to receive his mother's blessing before attending his inauguration in 1789.
In 1891, the house was scheduled to be disassembled for travel to the Chicago World's Fair for display. However it was saved and the house underwent a restoration and was opened to the public. A mirror, Mrs. Washington called her "best dressing glass" and other possessions are on view in the house.
We take our everyday living for granted and don't even realize it until we visit places like Mary Washington's home and hear how they lived hundreds of years ago.  It was while we were here that they told us that back in the 1700's they took baths maybe 3 times a year and washed their hair only about twice.  I could hardly believe it and my head started to itch just thinking about that.

Her sundial still tracks the time of day in the garden.

Here are some other things that made me think hmmmmm ~ Glad I was born when I was.  They didn't washed their plates & silverware they just wiped them off after they were done eating.  They wealthier people always took their own utensils with them when they went to dinner at someone elses home.  They also told us that is why when they got sick it was one of the reasons it spread so fast throughout the lands.  Between bathing, washing your hair, wearing the same clothes by letting them air out and using dishes that were not washed ~ by the time I left there I was a little yukked out to say the least!  LOL LOL

After we visited here we went to Rising Sun Tavern which was once owned by Charles Washington.  What a fun and interesting tour this was. As soon as you walk in you are transported in time and treated like a guest from the late 1700's.  Here you will learn how a tavern operated during those times and learn a lot of interesting sayings that you have heard before but never know how they got started.  You’ll be greeted by a wench who is there to get you settled, show you around and attend to your needs. Please remember that this is the only proper tavern for 50 miles so be respectful.

Ladies, please leave all your literature (except the Bible) in your suitcases, as they are not welcome here. Gentleman, please enjoy yourselves but not too much as we will be getting you on a stagecoach in the wee hours of the morn.
This house, built by the younger brother of George Washington, was a popular stop for many, including John Marshall, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and John Paul Jones, among others, during the American Revolutionary War.  It was the site of George Washington's "great reception" after the Battle of Yorktown. It was also the site of the first meeting of the Virginia Chapter of the Society of Cincinnati in 1783. The property was sold to Larkin Smith in 1791 and turned into a tavern.

There were several other places we visited throughout the day ~ Mary Washington's grave & Memorial, A Confederate Cemetery, A Masonic Cemetery and many old historic buildings and homes.  It was a fun day indeed...

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Karen and Al said...

Another fun day! You guys must be pooped!

I would imagine people back in those days smelled pretty bad!

Kevin Read said...
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Kevin Read said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Lots of history in places like that. It is hard to imagine living like that. They worked hard to put food on their tables and here we are today and people still talk about hard they work with all our modern conveniences. Life is funny!

Kevin and Ruth

Jerry and Suzy said...

At the Rising Sun Tavern, do they wash the glasses between guests? Or maybe it isn't that kind of tavern. Our good old history does make us glad for our good old present day. Some 200 years from now, folks will be aghast at OUR primitive ways, I'm sure. Thanks for the tour.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, what a glorious post! I've been there, and loved it all [except for the canons everywhere---got tired of seeing them placed all over the area...not just VA, but everywhere with the civil war sights and all.]

Fantastic share Donna. Hope you're having a terrific adventure.

IT'S THE Star Wars "At At" vs. the Alien" at Hootin' Anni's today...


Happy Cinco de Mayo [good reason to have Mexican Food and Margaritas tonight!!]

Erin said...

It's a good thing we're staying on the east coast for the first year of full-timing; there's still so much for us to explore.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Looks like you are seeing a lot of history!! Hope you are not too worn out from your day!!

Happytrails said...

I so remember when we were there and learning all that interesting stuff folks used to do...or NOT do. You are right, I am so glad I live NOW and not then!!
It is so interesting to touch history isn't it??? I told my son you all were in Fredericksburg and he just sighed...he loved hearing all about the history of that intriguing place. Thanks for sharing!!

Akum said...

The pictures looks so amazing.. Must have had a fun day!!!!

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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