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Monday, August 3, 2009

~~~ We have arrived in Memphis ~~~

We're on the road again and heading towards Memphis... we pulled out of Twiltley Branch COE park very early in the morning, rolling down a country road until we headed out onto I 20 towards Jackson, Ms.. then hit I 55 north towards Memphis.

The skies were very cloudy and I was worried about us traveling in the rain. Fortunately even though the treat was there it never really rained hard... just a few sprinkles. While on the road we passed this tower... I am not sure what it was but it did remind us of a mini Washington Monument. This was a beautiful ride through rolling hills with lots of green thick forest.

Traffic was not very heavy and it made our ride very relaxing... My computer sits in the front window with the GPS program telling us just what roads we need to take and how far we still have to travel... She has helped us find a ton of great places but also has gotten us into some sticky situations... We always make sure we know somewhat where we are going and what our major turns will be... Bad directions can really cause us to have just a bit of tension... LOL LOL

My little angle was watching TV while we are going down the road... Her & I take turns sitting up front but when we are getting close to a highway change or heavy traffic Memaw always wins the toss for the co-pilot seat. Tiffy is always up front either sleeping by Ralph or in her little bed. She gets into the bed when the road gets really rough. Unless I am sitting in the back then she is with me...

Finally after about 300 miles we enter the city limits of Memphis . One of the first things we see is a huge oil refinery. Alyssah thought it was really cool seeing shooting fire out of the stacks

Our campground is actually over the bridge and 3 miles into West Memphis, Arkansas on the Mississippi River.

We finally reach the Tom Sawyer Mississippi River RV Park traveling down such a pretty little road. I loved how the trees made a little frame over the road for us to enter into the park. This road use to be dirt but thankfully they paved it.

This is one of my very favorite places to camp. The campground has nice pull throughs with concrete pads, water, 50 AMP electric and sewer. (YEAH!!!) Our phones, TV have great reception and the Internet is working with the highest speed since we left home... Our site is right on the mighty Mississippi River where we can sit and watch the barges go by all day long. Alyssah right away ran out to watch her first barge go by... Sometimes while you are watching they will honk their horns at you... This really excites the campers in the park

Arkansas is where my daughter Jennifer (Alyssah's mom) lives so I knew she would be driving the 250 miles over here to spend the weekend with us... We didn't tell Alyssah and boy was she ever surprised when Mom and sister Hannah pulled in.

Jennifer & I relaxing beside Tassie while we watched barges and caught up on everything... My little herb garden still surviving the rides... LOL

Alyssah already finding friends to play with in the park...
And the end of another perfect day with a pink & blue sky and the moon!

We have so many things planned this week...
Hope you come back and check out our adventures
Until Later

Hugs And Kisses

White Water Rafting


Tootsie said...

man woman....you sure get around!

Love Bears All Things said...

They had some rough weather around there last Thursday. I know you're happy to have missed it. Honey Bear went back to Memphis last night. He'll be there most of the week. I'm interested in hearing about what sights you see while you're there. Is Aylissa going home with her Mom? I guess school will be starting soon for her. My grands here start a week from today.
Mama Bear

Baba said...

Hi Donna, I love looking at all of your pictures during your travels..The view of the road with rolling hills and greenery was delightful..you live the kind of life that appeals to me..

Enjoy your time with family and keep rolling down the highway!!!

Hugs, Baba

The Muse said...

Hey there, Ms Traveler :) Great to hear you are experiencing the joy of the road...and safely so. The south is beautiful...but goodness, the rain has been a pouring! (makes things lush, though!)
What a beautiful grand daughter!!!

Yes...the site at blogger will slowly fade away...seems wordpress is more applicable to what i need.

PS Thanks for all the kind words ...I am glad to be back!

cherry said...

What fun! WHat you wrote made me smile..even bigger! Thanks sweet Donna! Hve fun in Memphis! cherrry

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! Oh, what a great time you must be having and glad you didn't get a big downpour! Looks so lovely where you are - the water and all of the scenery. What a little beauty you have traveling with you!
Oh, I just love your new photo of yourself. At first I thought, who is this and then I realized it was gorgeous Donna!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Donna, Looks like your in Arkansas! Is it good to be back? I was looking at your Florida pics the other day and was getting really jealous! I love the beach, since we went to Hawaii, no Florida trip this year. I've been keeping up with you, looks like you're having a great time and seeing alot! You have the life!! Hope to see you soon, Kristen

FD5, Retired said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog, we will be adding your blog to our. The mini Washington Monument is located in Ridgeland, MS and is a cell phone tower. If I were here earlier I would have meet y'all for lunch at Mama Hamil's in Madison, Guy needs to visit here. Great food if you come thru this area again. Look forward to meeting up down the road.

Stay Safe

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