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Saturday, August 22, 2009

♥♥♥ Where we are now & More Barges ♥♥♥

We are at Spring Hill COE Park in Barling, Arkansas.... It is right on the Arkansas River outside of Fort Smith & Van Buren and it is a wonderful park. We have 50 amp electric and great water pressure... plus I have service on both Verizon & At&T phones... Our internet service is excellent & the TV comes in good, but we had to put out our portable dish because of all the trees. At this park is the Kimbel Lock & Dam where you can watch the many tugboats with their barges & boats go through... Yes (Justine) I know I have posted barges many times but I love them so.... They are right up there with trains for us. So bare with me and enjoy our photos of the park & river...

Here is Tassie in her little place for the next couple of weeks... As you can see this park is not crowded and the sites are pretty far apart back where we like to stay.

Here is our neighbor in the distance and a view in front of our site
Other views in the campground

This is the road out to the boat ramp & the boat ramp into the river
Here are a couple more campsites in the park

This is a stairway down to the riverwalk where Ralph will go fishing
and a nice playground for the kids

James W. Trimble Lock & Dam
Ok here it is folks... My Tugboat pushing his barges through the locks
Well there you go... Our Home Sweet Home off and on till January
We will be showing you other sites in this area as we visit them...
Until Later
Hugs And Kisses
I Love Camp


Kat said...

This is beautiful Donna. The trees are so lush and full, it must feel like living in a fairy tale. I love tugboats, they just remind me of little mighty mites pushing the big bullies around! I never realized how beautiful Arkansas was until the first time we drove through - not at all what I had pictured. Have fun in your home away from home. Kathy

SmilingSally said...

What a beautiful place to spend the fall and the holidays! No wonder you're excited, and you're close to family too!

Mike Goad said...

We had planned on camping there on our way home from a trip in 2007. Our oldest daughter had just moved to Fort Smith as a manager trainee at JC Penny and we planned to spend a few nights there before heading on home. Unfortunately, I was feeling sick, so we didn't stop, just headed on home.

Part of the reason that Arkansas is so lush and green this year is that we have had a much cooler than normal summer -- with a lot more rain than normal. Usually, by this time of the year, the grass and trees are getting dry and starting to brown, at least a bit.

When we left on our western trip in the middle of August 2007, it was over 100 degrees at the Ozark rest area when we went through at noon.

getting ready for our next trip
Haw Creek Out 'n About

Jerry and Suzy said...

What a lovely place to be. And we can tell you are enjoying every minute of your stay there. Have a nice winter, and keep taking us with you as you visit.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am getting the most fun from your blog! Wish I was there!

Al Bossence said...

Hi Folks.....Just stopping by to say hello from the Bayfield Bunch. You have a nice looking site here with lots going on. Just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments on our blog lately. Much appreciated. Take care & keep up the good work...AL:))

Stacey said...

I bet that will be the perfect place to park for the fall. It looks like a beautiful spot.

imjacobsmom said...

Donna this is another nice park. Very lush and green and shady and you're all set to a T - TV, Telephone and Tugboats! ~ Robyn

Dawn Fine said...

Looks like a great place to stay for a while! my husband would love the fishing part!
Which phone is better for service in most places..att or verizon?
do u have a broadband card?
Stay cool!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

It really does look like a great park to stay.
We're so jealous. We miss traveling and being in the rv, just having one experience after another. If you don't rv, you really don't understand of living on the road, and living in rv time...right?
Ohhhh, you lucky ducks!

Ginger said...

I love the trees and the campsite that you have. It's nice and big and private. I hate it when we get a spot on top of our neighbor.
Great scenery, and I love the tugboat and barges, even if you've posted about them before. It's fun to see them again.

Diana said...

Beautiful campground! Wow! I'd love watching the barges too. And I really like the little COE playground.

Dawn Marie said...

I think its beautiful to. I cant wait to see more photos.

Tootsie said...

another great place!!! everything looks so pretty...the boats are fabulous...especially neat for someone like me who does not live anywhere near things as such!!!have a safe trip to your next destination!

Justine said...

Hey, I've never complained about your barges! I love all of your pictures. You're kinda addicted to barges the way I am to gators. LOL!

Justine :o )

AL & The Bayfield Bunch said...

Just checkin in on ya down there in Barling. Yer lookin good Donna.....& besides, I happen to like Willy Nelson:)) Take care.....AL.

Bob and Molly said...

Hi Donna and thanks for you many kind comments on my blog!
We love COE parks too and this one looks great!
Are you heading to the Gypsy Journal Rally by any chance?
Would love to meet you guys....it's a lot of fun!
Hope to see you on the road some day...and I'll enjoy following your blog!

bj said...

Oh, wow, sweet friend..this is just beautiful. I'd be down there fishin' every day!! haha..
Have fun and enjoy this wonderful life you are so blessed with.
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Donna! Now you are the traveling one! What a beautiful place. So much greenery. Great you can be close to your family.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Margie M. said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them. That COE park looks fantastic. Hope we can get there one of these days. Looking forward to more postings soon! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I love your posts.. I get to travel around with you! :)

Thanks for the visit.. we did have a blast!

Donna Marie

Anonymous said...

Morning, Donna! Thanks for popping in to see me. Enjoy your stay at this beautiful park and have lots of fun!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautiful, beautiful country. I didn't realize y'all can have a dish network for the motorhome?!!! How cool is that?

Great post, great photos and as always thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet, cheerful comments. Your words are much appreciated!!!

Carole Burant said...

Such a gorgeous campsite and I really like the fact that you`re not crowded in there. I just don`t think I could handle having someone just a couple of feet from me! lol I look at some of the campsites where they seem to be like a can of sardines. It would drive me nuts having no privacy at all. It certainly does look like you will have a wonderful time there and I`m with you, I just love looking at barges and such going by. Whenever Steve & I go to Niagara Falls, we always stop in Welland to watch the ships go through the Locks:-) Love ya girl! xoxo

Love Bears All Things said...

I like watching tugs and barges, too. I have some photos of them. My Daddy worked for a grain company at one time where he loaded barges. When I was about 6 years old, he accidentally closed a barge door on his fingers. He didn't lose them but the tendons were shortened and he always had difficulty with them.
This looks like a great place to be. Honey Bear is still researching this camping thing. His latest idea is a tent but I am so not into that.
Mama Bear

Tootsie said...

if I stick with you ...I will see the world! lol

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

We are campers, too. We just sold our big RV travel trailer and downsized to a pop-up. We usually just stay in PA or NY. Happy OW.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Donna, so glad you enjoyed your stay in Ark. I am on the other side of the state-not nearly as pretty as where you were. laurie


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