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Friday, August 14, 2009

~~~ Hot Springs, Arkansas ~~~

Hot Springs National Park - Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park has natural areas, historic buildings and cultural landscapes. While you are there you can tour the park visitor center in the historic Fordyce Bathhouse, Stroll by the eight historic bathhouses and the Grand Promenade, located within Bathhouse Row National Historic Landmark District, Drive scenic mountain roads--Hot Springs and North Mountain Drives and West Mountain Drive or Picnic on the mountains... Also across from the historic bathhouse row are many little shops and restaurants to enjoy.

To really enjoy this area you will need a couple of days... Bring your water jugs and fill them up at the many faucets located around town.

While your visiting don't forget to go to the Bucksatff Baths located on bathhouse row to take a bath! It is a very refreshing day! I did and for 60 dollars you will be guided to the dressing room where an attendant provides a bathsheet for you to wear. In the bath halls, you have a private bath tub which your attendant has cleaned and filled with fresh 98-100-degree water. The tubs are large enough for you to stretch out and soak. After the bath you go to a full steam cabinets, then enjoy a Sitz (sitting) tubs filled with 108-degree water. After that you are rinsed off in a needle shower and then lay down on a bed where they apply hot packs to provide heat therapy for specific aches or pains. Then a two-minute cool-down shower is a refreshing, tingling experience and they best part a full-body Swedish massage. Now that is a half of day of being pampered. I loved it!

Enjoy this slide show of the Fordyce Bath House
which is the visitors center for Hot Springs.
It is set up exactly how it was in it's heyday!

Hot Springs Mountain Observation Tower Description
The Hot Springs Mountain Observation Tower stands 216 feet, with views of the park and surrounding area. An elevator swiftly takes you to the second level where there you can read about the history of Hot Springs... Then back on the elevator to the top observation deck. It is a breathtaking panorama view of beautiful Hot Springs, the Ouachita Mountains and the surrounding Diamond Lakes area. It's a great way to start off or end a day of sightseeing in beautiful Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Please enjoy the slide show of the tower.

Here are a few more pictures of the Hot Springs area... Hope you enjoy

We are leaving tomorrow for Fort Smith, Arkansas. We will be staying right outside of Fort Smith in Barling, Arkansas at the Spring Hill COE park. It is right on the Arkansas River near James W. Trimble Lock & Dam. Our youngest daughter lives near here so we will be hanging out in this vicinity until January 3rd.

Until Later

Hugs And Kisses



Anonymous said...

Donna Dear!!!!! I wish I could travel all around like you!!!! (But I got to make the donuts!)

The Hot Spring Bath sounds heavenly!

Have a great weekend girl!

Donna Marie

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Donna, you and your DH, are living our dream. We had to park the RV this summer, and go job hunting, much to our despair. Jim began yesterday, and will drive truck again...still a big rig, still a diesel, just not OUR Winnebago brand of diesel. Sigh.....
So keep on trippin', and we'll keep reading all about it on your blog.
Home is where you park it!

Rick said...

Donna, nice pics and enjoyed reading about your day at the spa. I'm not to sure about the $60 bath though as I was complaining about a campground where I had to pay .25 cents for a shower!

Anonymous said...

HI Dear Donna! Oh, what a lovely visit! We've been to Hot Springs long ago and I couldn't believe how pretty is was! I know you're having a wonderful time. I envy you a little traveling all around and still being able to sleep in your own bed in Tassie!
Thanks for popping in to see me and I'll check back as often as I can!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

imjacobsmom said...

Donna, I've been to the Hot Springs in Boulder, Montana and they sure weren't as luxurious as this. Hope you're having a great time! ~ Robyn

Justine said...

Wow, hot baths and needle showers and a Swedish massage? Well, la de da, young lady!

Is there anything special about the water they use?

Justine :o )

Stacey said...

Hi Donna. :) I've always heard wonderful things about Hot Springs but have never been there. I'm living vicariously!

Mary said...

I would love to go there! If you have a chance go to Eureka Springs too, another neat town. My Dh is off to Branson and vicinity for a week, I'm so disappointed I couldn't get the time off from work. Now I see this and it brought back great memories of my last vacation down there!
Your vacation life is wonderful!! Mary

SmilingSally said...

What an experience you're having! And now you get to settle with baby daughter for several months. How wonderful!

happytrails said...

Thanks for your good wishes that you posted on our blog!!! We are so excited but very tired. I laughed when I read what you said about reliving that time in your own life. I bet you laughed and said, "glad its them and not me" hehehe. We can't wait to start journeling some real adventures but we have about a month to go before we begin to move- Sept.9. I have my yearly doctor visit to do and think that is important. After that we are on our way. WooooHoooo!! I love your blog by the way. Gerri

Jerry and Suzy said...

Thanks for showing us what we would have seen last year! That was $60 very well spent!

Ginger said...

When I first started reading your post and you said it was $60 for a bath...I thought, Donna has left her good sense back in Memphis. lol. Then I read on, and realized it was a day spa.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I found your blog and was so happy to see this post! I grew up just a few miles south of Hot Springs and still love that are! Great pics! Enjoy your trip!

Diana said...

Hi Donna,
So glad you spent the $60. Sounded kind of pricey when I was there, but I didn't realize all you got.
Isn't it going to be kind of cold in Arkansas in January? Brrrr! But have a great time with your family.

Ellie and Jim said...

Thank you for taking us on your journey...I can see we will have to spend more time in the Hot Springs area when we return to Arkansas...We hope to meet up with you somewhere down the road...Stay Safe........Jim & Ellie


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