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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are now at Great Falls, Montana

Our travels from St. Mary to Great Falls was uneventful and no problems... YEAH! We arrived here on Friday at Dick's RV Park around 1 pm and after setting up and visiting with a few fellow campers we fixed dinner and just chilled out for the evening. It is a fairly nice park and definitely in the center of everything. Today was a day for replenishing our supplies and getting things done around here. Tomorrow will be our day of exploring and we are looking forward to getting out and seeing all the falls here.


Bridget said...

Hi, I just found you thanks to Justine. I look forward to keeping up with your travels. Hugs to Tassie!

p.s. If you get a chance today, please visit Justine's blog and click on the lefthand link to the recipe contest and vote for her spinach pasta...it's really good and she is tied for third place right now. : (

Justine said...

Hi Donna! I hope you got my note yesterday that I've featured your blog on my blog today! After all, it's Blog Day 2008! I found your blog in a search and thought it was the coolest thing... to follow you around in your RV! Kudos!
Justine :o )

SmilingSally said...

Justine sent me.

I'm retired too, but not traveling. Enjoy your retirement.

Justine said...

Donna! You visited me! That made me soooooooooo happy! Anything I can help you with blog-wise, just let me know! Keep coming back to mine, and I'll keep coming back to yours! I think you've got a great thing going!

Justine :o )

Lisa said...

Found you through Justine. I have to tell you that it is my dream to tour the country in an RV with my husband and girls. I would love to go every summer and see another part of the USA. Now I get to live vicariously through your blog until I finally get to live out my dream.

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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