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Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Day at Many Glacier

Last night we took an evening drive into the park at the St. Mary entrance. I was driving and a little nervous about some of the sharp drop offs but made my way all the way up to Logan Pass neverless. It is one of my very favorite places in Glacier. On our way back we spotted several white tail deer and a herd of big elk. There were probably about 15 in total and I didn't even have my camera with me this time. Oh Boo Hoo.. ;-D

What a wonderful day we had today... We started out this morning with a ride to Many Glacier and was very excited about exploring a new area in the park. As we are headed towards the entrance of the park we are greeted with the usual beautiful rushing rivers and magnificent snow topped mountains.

As we were driving along the main road Ralph all of a sudden spotted 2 huge bears exploring by the side of the river. My first spotting of bears that I could actually could photograph. They were just close enough for me to take pictures but far enough away that I could beat them to the car if they decided that I was on the menu today... Further up the road we went for a short hike to see the most beautiful waterfall... it was quite dynamic. What an appetite we worked up after our little hike so off to the Many Glacier Lodge for some lunch where we indulged with a Buffalo Bacon Burger & fries... YUM!

We headed out again and to our surprise another bear sighting down by the waters edge. I could sit and watch these animals forever as they root for food and play. It was a great day in the park... We would like to come back on Wednesday and take a hike on the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead that will take you out to a couple of lakes where the moose like to hang out.

After we left the park we drove home to walk Tiffy and take her with us for a nice ride down Hwy 89 & 49. That was the way our GPS had advised us to go to get here from Glacier Meadow RV Park but someone had told us not to take that route as it was to steep and curvy. Boy was it ever... thank goodness we had met a man who had driven it and warned us. Talk about sharp drop offs... I swear some of them were around a mile or more.. YIKES VERY SCARY!!!! The funny thing up here they have what they call free ranging cows and you have to watch out that you don't hit them with your car... They are everywhere.. ;-D

Tomorrow we are heading for Canada... we want to have lunch at the Prince of Whales Hotel... Until then.....

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nikkicrumpet said...

Gosh you guys have gone to some amazing places. I'm so jealous...I love to travel and hope to do something like this when we retire. There are so many beautiful places to see.

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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