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Monday, August 18, 2008

An Afternoon at Lake McDonald

Late start today but it ended up being a wonderful day. We left around 2:00pm today and decided to take a a ride on a rode in Glacier that we hadn't been on. The ride was on a road named Camas Road and it was a surprisingly sad drive for us. This part of the park had been destroyed by a fire in 2003 and still the damage was overwhelming. We visited a campground around that area in the park called Fish Creek Campground but it could only accommodate rigs that are 35 ft or less.. and to be honest we didn't see but about 4 sites that would do. If you have a smaller unit it was a very nice park. Then we took a ride to Lake McDonald Lodge and made reservations for boat ride for Thursday afternoon on Lake McDonald... On the way out of the park we pulled off at one of the areas on the lake and took a walk down by the shoreline. Ralph tried his hand at skipping stones on the lake like he did in his boyhood. Some of then actually skipping the water several times. The water is very cool and we we're wondering if we had the courage to come back another day and go swimming. I think it might not be good for the heart. After our walk we decided that we were hot and thirsty so on our way back we stopped at Dairy Queen... WOW! How those Blizzards can quench your thirst. Well that's it for today... tomorrow we are heading into a town called Kalispell. It has a historic district that should be fun to visit.

This is a place by our campground that I thought the entrance was an outstanding work of art.

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