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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Historic Beginnings.... the Virginia Triangle

We stayed in the Williamsburg area at American Heritage RV Park for 5 days so that we could explore Colonial National Historic Park and explore it we did.  This park included Yorktown & Jamestown ~ they both took us each an entire day to see.  We went out everyday and checked out all the history we could in this historic triangle area which also included Historic Williamsburg (not a National park but definitely full of historic beginnings for this country. We had one of the best Chinese Buffets we have ever ate at while here also.  Peking Palace was exceptionally clean and the food was fabulous.  Our first day out was spent visiting Yorktown:
Yorktowne, Virginia:
There's plenty to do in this charming riverside town. There are many small cafes, shops and restaurants that you can spend an entire day exploring. There are also many historically-significant points of interest to learn about that revolve around the Civil War and the American Revolution.
Yorktown Battlefield and Visitor Center is a national park where tours include battlefield earthworks, Washington’s Headquarters, Washington’s tent and Surrender Field. You can step back in time walking through the battlefield, past the Yorktown Victory Monument, and then past Moore House where surrender terms were negotiated. Yorktown Victory Center is a living history museum of the American Revolution tell the stories of men, women and children who lived during the war. Outside, a recreated military encampment depicts life in the military including the use of medicine in Colonial times.
At a simulated 1780s farm site, you can learn about growing crops, preserving and preparing food and turning flax and wool into cloth.

There is both a driving tour a a walking tour of the Battlefield ~ while there we had one of the best Park Rangers (Linda) giving us the story of the American Revolution that happened there.  We also did the driving tour through the battlefield.

Jamestown, Virginia ~ America's Birthplace 1607
Star your experience at the Historic Jamestown visitor center, where exhibits and walking tours with Park Rangers provide background on Jamestown’s beginnings. Walk through the town site to see the original church tower dating to the 1640s and the reconstructed foundations of some of the earliest buildings. At the museum pier, see the replicas of the 3 ships that transported the original colonists to Jamestown in 1607.  An Powhatans Indian Village is recreates to see how they lived and farmed at the time the English arrived.  Hear about the actual meeting and relationship between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. You can also see and learn how the settlers lived at the recreated Fort James Settlement.  This was a fascinating day and we really enjoyed stepping back in history.  

We also visited the Jamestown Rediscovery excavation, where archaeologists are uncovering the remains of the original James Fort and learning how the environment and climate in 1607 affected the settlers. At the Dale House, see a modest exhibit of artifacts, watch conservators working on the latest finds from the James Fort and browse the museum store books and memorabilia of Jamestown archaeology. This was another day full of discovery and learning about our country's beginnings.  Hope you enjoyed the slide show. I couldn't figure out the new blogger so I put slide shows in...

Colonial Williamsburg:
This is where it all began ~ our separation from England. The likes of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson all were here to make the major decisions in our futures as Americans.  It is a great place to visit but make sure you allow at least 3 days to explore and enjoy this historic town.  Some of it is actual buildings and some are rebuilt but all are full of history.  There are many re-inactors that wander the streets and reenact daily life amongst the colonist.  It all started here on July 12th, 1776...  Have dinner at one of the historic Inns ~ the food was GREAT!!!



We really enjoyed our time in this area and being lovers of history it was a learning experience... Now we are moving on the Richmond Virginia where we will explore one of our country most trying and sadist time ~ the Civil War. A war where our we fought each other....

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Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Bob said...

OK, the dude on the 12 string at the end was pretty awesome! Was that his deal, just to sit there and play? Or was he on a break from another offering somewhere else? Either way, I enjoyed it.

Karen and Al said...

What a great place to visit. I was never interested in history in school, but have learned to appreciate it as I get older. We really want to get up there. Enjoy!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

What a great post! Lots of information and I like history.

Jeff said...

We too enjoyed that area when we spent a week there last September. We didn't hit that Chinese Buffet though. Continue the safe & fun travels.

Happytrails said...

Great information, Donna! This is an area we have never visited but has been on our "to see" list forever. I am sorry I haven't been there. What a bucket full of history!!
What a fabulous time you two are having!! :-)

Bob and Jo said...

Great info, this has also been on our list

Mike Goad said...

A very favorite area. We've been there several times after visiting family in Norfolk. Stayed once at a campground near Jamestown. Another time, we had the good fortune to attend a business conference that was held at the Williamsburg Inn, which is right next to the old Williamsburg area... didn't even have to drive. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by Two to Travel's Phaeton Journeys. We've been to all of the places you posted about, but we look forward to revisiting after we're retired and have more time to dedicate to exploring all that they have to offer.


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