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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our journey up the coast of Oregon - First stop Florence

We have entered Oregon and are traveling north up the coast... Oregon & Alaska are the only 2 states we have not visited in our many years of travel but now we can add Oregon to our list. What a beautiful state it is with all the lush forest and beautiful coastline. It is just loaded with wonderful State Parks, Light Houses and history. Sadly we managed to get here during rainy season... How long does it last? I don't know... But that is OK we are adventurist and will go out to see the sights we can even in the rain. So here are some photos of our journey to our first stop at Florence, Oregon. We stayed at South Jetty Thousand Trails RV Park which is a membership park. We were tucked deep into the woods and had NO Internet or AT&T phone. A very rustic park with the usual club house, pools and trails to walk.
I never got to take pictures of this park.

lush forest and cute little towns

miles & miles of wonderful coast

As we traveled up the road we saw beautiful beautiful beaches and shorelines

Big rocks formations and lots of driftwood

Bridges that had so much character and style

they were just breathtaking

more great rock formations around every corner

and little seaside towns

We are seeing so many wonderful places and things that I will be sharing with you very soon... I am kind of behind in my post updates due to lousy Internet service. Hopefully we'll have it for a while now.

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!


Jerry and Suzy said...

You ask how long the rainy season is. On the Oregon coast, it's 12 months long, but nice sunny days can happen all year long too. Enjoy the coast of Oregon. We have stayed at most of the TTN/NACO parks there -- they can't be called "resorts, usually, but they are all enjoyable.

Helen said...

OH...OH .... you made to to my State! It is indeed beautiful ~ all of it. I live on the east side of the Cascades, so it's dry and sunny here on Oregon's High Desert! Safe journeys ....

Justine said...

Everything looks so beautiful, Donna!

Can you ask Chris if she's been getting my comments on her blog? After I leave one, I always get a bounced email saying message couldn't be sent. I hope the comments are at least getting to her blog!

Justine :o )

Nanette said...

Hi Donna,
I have to agree with Jerry and Suzy, the rainy season is nearly 12 months long in that part of Oregon! I am glad you have been able to see it on your trip. Have fun!

Margie M. said...

Your photos of the coastal Oregon area are wonderful, Donna. It is one of the most beautiful, scenic drives in our country and I am glad you have enjoyed it. Even with the rain!

Enjoy the view as you travel safely!

Mike Goad said...

Nice photos. We only made it to Oregon once, 16 years ago. I guess we're going to have to do it again one of these years.

Have fun!

Sue and Doug said...

Donna..you are getting closer to us!!..are you coming to Canada.via British Columbia??..by any chance..we loved the Oregon Coast..one of our best holidays so far!!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Looks very inviting, this life style you have chosen! I keep telling myself "just a few more years"....... The bridges were quite majestic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! Oh, this is so beautiful. I've never been to Oregon but have heard how gorgeous it is. I'm just amazed, Donna, at all of territory y'all have covered! Wow! You could publish a book with all of your photos! Are you coming to my party? You could snap in Tassie's mirror!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Wayne and Roberta said...

We love the Oregon coast, take a dune buggy ride while you are in the Florence area. Enjoy your trip!!

cindy said...

Beautiful pictures! I've never been to Oregon or Washington, but I've always wanted to go...thanks for letting me 'ride' along! ~Cindy

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Happytrails said...

You post whenever you can and we will be anxiously waiting to read.

What a beautiful state!!!! Thanks for posting the pictures, they are great. :)

Safe travels,
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Anonymous said...

We stayed at Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort (http://www.loonlakerv.com), one of the more scenic Oregon coast RV parks that offers camping, boating and fishing near the coast. It's an excellent Oregon campground that makes a good basecamp for deer and elk hunting! The lodge also offers cabin and yurt rentals. The Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort is located about 45 minutes from Reedsport. It offers year-round resort Oregon coast lodging in cabins, yurts and motel rooms, or waterfront camping in scenic tent or RV park sites with full-hookups, satellite TV and Wi-Fi - all on one mile of lake frontage on the scenic Loon Lake. The marina offers jet ski rentals, boat rentals and pontoon boats.

Diana said...

I just love the bridges of Oregon - I'll be going down the coast in late August - maybe the rainy season will be done by then, I hope!

Dawn Fine said...

I love Oregon..and the coast is soo nice..We are usually at the Oregon coast in September and October for mushroom picking season..
Happy Trails to you!

Dawn Fine said...

just wanted to pass this link on to you..I just became a member of this RV blog network and thought you might like it too.


Happy Trails!


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