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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trekking Through Texas

Day 5 of our trip had us driving through Louisiana & Texas. We had one small rain shower that was just enough to get road dirt on Tassie & Silvie ~ After Ralph spent 2 days washing & waxing them... lol  When we went through Shreveport on I-20 we were just behind a small tornado that turned over several travel trailers at a dealer, many trees knocked down and bent many interstate road signs. I think if I had seen that tornado I would have messed my britches....

Other then that it was a smooth ride and after about 500 miles we started looking for a RV Park for the night.  After checking out our travel books and internet we found a small RV Park in Mingus, Texas.  Cactus Rose RV Park was an easy on and easy off back onto I-20 so we decided that was a pretty good pick... we didn't expect much and was pleasantly surprised to not only meet very friendly owners but a clean well kept park with all that you could want in any campground !  Click here to go to our RV Park review blog.  This park was so restful and nice we decided to stay an extra day and just enjoy it.

Cactus Rose RV Park ~ Mingus, Texas 
Our site at Medessa Oil Patch RV Park
After being well rested up we headed out to Midland, Texas where my youngest daughter & herfamily lives... We'll be staying in this area for about 6 weeks before we continue our journey.  This was only 320 mile day which is really how we like it ~ 350 miles or less on travel days.  The wind of Texas picked up for our ride and pretty much wore Ralph  out and didn't do our gas mileage any good either.  We had a horrible time finding any parks to take us and our first week was at Midessa Oil Patch RV ParkClick here for our RV Park review... Because there are so many oil workers in this area they fill up the RV parks so what a time we had trying to secure a spot for 5 more weeks after Midessa Oil Patch... we finally found a RV park out in the middle of nowhere filled with oil rig workers but they had one spot left in the back and that is what we took.  Normally I wouldn't stay in a park such as this but we wanted to spend time with Jennifer and the family.  So here we are at Stanley RV Park and all and all we have everything we need. FHU, no trees so great satelite TV, Water and so far very quiet. I think we are the biggest rig here...
Stanley RV Park
So we have already been in the Midland/Odessa area for a week and already have had many adventures ~ It is great visiting with my daughter, SIL, and granddaughters ~ will catch up on the next blog.
Come on back and follow our adventures...
Have Fun & Travel Safe


Kevin Read said...

Wow, you were very lucky to be ahead of that tornado. Hopefully you won't be near any more of them. 120 miles is what we normally like to do in a day but sometimes you have to make exceptions. Have fun with the family.


Gail Houle said...

That's about twice as far as we like to drive in one day. We just like to mosey :) So glad you were BEHIND that tornado! This is a scary time of year. Stay safe.

Jim and Sandie said...

We're like everybody else - we just don't drive anywhere near that far in one day. We did 261 miles the other day and it did us in. Have a great time with family. I've found we can survive any RV park as long as we have a good reason to be there.

Elaine said...

glad your there safe and sound!!! Now sit back relax and enjoy xo

Bob and Jo said...

340 miles is the most we have done in a day and that was very early in our fulltime adventures. Now we shoot for 150-200.

Scary being that close to a tornado.


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