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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two Charming Towns

I was finally getting caught up with my blogging but atlas I am in Cape Brenton and still haven't finished my post on around the South Shore area of Nova Scotia so here I go again...

We started out towards Lunenburg but got sidetracked by 2 other quaint little towns ~ Chester & Mahone Bay.  What a beautiful day it was indeed... we drove along the coast until we came to the Old Train Station in Chester, which is now a visitor center.  Gorgeous coastal drive...

Chester, a charming historic seaside village, rich in tradition and hospitality, which was officially founded in 1759.   The first permanent European-descended settlers were a group from Massachusetts who came to the area in 1761.

Chester is one of the wealthiest communities in the province of Nova Scotia with many seasonal and year-round residents. The nearby waters of Mahone Bay and its numerous islands are well known for yachting and have made Chester into a vacation destination.  The day we were there, there was a lot of sail boats on the bay ~ we sat for a long time and just enjoyed watching them as the glided through the water so gracefully.

Our other stop for the day was at the very touristy town of Mahone Bay... So beautiful and is Mahone Bay which was founded in 1754. The harborfront is the heart of Mahone Bay. Three historic churches are perched on the water’s edge and is an awesome site as you head into the area.  The downtown area is filled with historic homes, craftspeople, art galleries, quaint shops and restaurants. You could spend hours walking & driving through the area.

We love these small coastal towns and enjoyed our day driving and walking around them. 
Have Fun & Travel Safe


Bob and Jo said...

Love them coastal towns, thanks for sharing.

The BooneDocks said...

Hope you eventually got to Lunenberg.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

With all the wonderful sights you've been visiting, you are hearby forgiven for falling behind on your blog.

Your posts and pictures are worth the wait! :c)


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