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Friday, July 8, 2011

☁ ☂ A Cloudy Day ☂ ☁

We have been here a week today and had to go to the dump to clean out the Black (sewer) & Gray (shower water) tanks. Even though they are big tanks and they weren't filled, we don't like letting them getting to high. The day started out really overcast and we thought we'd get rain at any time.... so we kept putting off dumping of the tanks. But we soon we realized the rain was kinda stalling and we decided it was now or never. Since my daughter will be here tomorrow with her two boys we knew we couldn't put it off any longer. It doesn't matter if you're going .5 miles or 500 miles the routine is the same. Put everything that could fall off or roll around away, Clean off all counters and secure the cabinets, put down the antenna, bring in the rooms, and take up the jacks... Unhook the water & electric.

I Love Camp RV

Drive over to the dump, drain the tanks, rinse them out, drive back to the site and set up the coach. Same as preparing it to leave but in reverse. So that's our excitement for the day. We are still very cloudy & dreary but no rain... Guess it's a great afternoon for reading and watching old movies. For my honey it would be Gunsmoke reruns!!!

Camp Fire

We had tacos for dinner and pretty much still waiting for rain...

Where did it go???
So there you go... a day in the lives of Rvers'
Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Sue and Doug said...

sounds pretty darn nice to us!!..windy but sunny here in Port Orford!!...Tucker doesn't much care for the wind..he whines and wants in so he can have a nap on the couch..!spoiled little boy!..
enjoy the quiet time..soon the kids will be there and life will be 'noisy' again!!

Rick said...

We had a pretty cloudy day here today too. Good day for a rest.

Donna K said...

Sounds like a not too bad day! Tacos and not much to do, although emptying the tanks is not my idea of a good time!!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Those cloudy, rainy days can be very relaxing. Hope you enjoyed at least part of your day!!

Dawn Marie said...

Hi donna we took our first long trip in our small rv and loved it. We hope 2 trade ours in in a year or two for a bigger one and do more trips.


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