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Sunday, June 26, 2011

~~~Bloomin Onions Anyone??? ~~~

Yesterday I went to Mary's to spend the day with her and Christal... We sat around just chatting for the longest time when Mary said "HEY! How about we make some Bloomin' Onions?" We I have had Blooming Onions from Outback Steakhouse and loved them so I right away jumped up & down saying yes, yes, YES!!! So off to the kitchen we headed to make Bloomin' Onions!!!

First thing you do is to buy a couple of very LARGE Vidalia or Sweet Onions and this GREAT mix that is over on the right in the picture ................

First you peel the onions and then leaving the root on cut them into 12 equal sections

soak them in ice water for at least 30 minutes or longer and then dust with dry mix

After that you dip them in the batter making sure all your petals are covered

Dust them in batter once again and then deep fry them for 5 minutes

and Walla!!! One delicious Bloomin' Onion

Thank you so much Mary for making these delicious Bloomin' Onions BUT I think I'll continue to buy them at Outback or Chilis' ~~~ That's a lot of WORK!!!

And as you all know I am retired and allergic to work!!!

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Mike McFall said...

Those onions sure do look good!! I love onions in any form including raw......I can eat them like an apple......Good friends, Good food!

Karen and Al said...

Now you've made me hungry and I haven't even had my breakfast yet!

Thanks for showing how to make them.

Maybe it's not too much work, except for the clean up.

Rick said...

I'd never heard of them before, but they do look good!

Travels with Emma said...

The onions are about the only thing I like at Outback. :) Looks delicious!

Sue and Doug said...

bloomin' Onions!..interesting concept!..they look delicious!!!

Happytrails said...

Your bloomin onions turned out super!
I bet it is alot of hard work....perhaps I shouldn't complain about the price next time I order one!!

Donna K said...

That onion looks like a professional job!! Hope you enjoyed every bite.

FD5, Retired said...

Wowzaa, love me some bloomin onions.

Stay Safe

Kevin Read said...

I've heard of Bloomin Onions before but I have never had them. It sure looks like a lot of work and a little on the messy side. Glad you had fun making them and eating them.

Kevin and Ruth

Jeff said...

OMG. I love bloomin' onions dipped in a spicy sauce!

Shelia said...

Yummy! that looks so good and I haven't had one in so long!
Donna, I've read that book and what a wonderful book. Gave it to my sister in law to read before she passed away but I'm not sure she had time to read it. She knows now, Heaven is really for real!
You're a doll.
Shelia ;)

Speedy said...

My gosh!! I didn't know I was missing all this food prep...I will have to stop by more often! I will have to look at your new site and see if I can add some of our favorite places in there.

Joe and Sherri

Carole Burant said...

The only time I've ever tasted Bloomin' Onions is at the Outback as well and I agree with you, they are soooo delicious. Never tried making my own but as you say, it looks to be an awful lot of work! I bet they tasted even better, though, because they were shared with good friends:-) xoxo

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