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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

~~~Worlds are Colliding & Plans Are a Changing~~~

The Views in Sedona

Here is why I hate reservations. If you make them and something happens you have to change them... Because in all well planned trips stuff happens. As a lot of you know our trip goal this year is Alaska and it still is, but our route there has changed.

We planned to meet our good friends Chris (Chris's Corner) & Norm in Trinadad, Colorado for our trek up to Glacier National Park, into Canada and then up to Alaska where we will be spending 6 weeks. Then heading back towards Vancouver, BC and along the west coast of the USA & then hang a left to the east returning to Florida...

After watching the horrible winter storms that they are getting up in Colorado and further north we have decided to reverse our route... YUPPER!!! We called our friends and talked it over with them and we are now meeting just west of Phoenix and heading towards California first. The exact route is still up for discussion but you can bet whatever we decide we are going to still have a ton of FUN!!!

Now my fellow BLOGGIN' Travelers & friends here are my questions to you all... Do you have any hints as to the route we should take (that is good & safe) through Canada via Vancouver and into Alaska? Do you have any suggestions about fun things to see & do in both Canada & Alaska? We have list that we all have made out but sometimes it is good to hear other peoples ideas. Please look at our route and tell me if there is anything we should not miss!!! We would love to hear your ideas...

Other then that we are enjoying our time here around Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona. We took a long ride the other day on scenic route 89 and saw so many beautiful rock formations. The red rocks in this area are outstanding and we'll miss it.

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna! Oh,it's good you're not headed into those storms! Plans change and sometimes there's a good reason!
I wish I could give you some great hints of places to go. We did take the Alaskan cruise last year but we just got off at the ports for a few hours. Our favorite place though was Sitka! It's a really pretty little town.
Thanks for popping in to see our little Carter. I'm in hog heaven!
Be a sweetie,

Shelia ;)

Tootsie said...

oh just skip Vancouver and head to Alberta...I'd love to see you in Red Deer!!! lol
that's all I have to say.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

We haven't been to Alaska by RV yet but if you are going via California, you might want to catch highway 101 up the Pacific Coast Highway...

Sounds like a fun trip.

Love your beautiful pictures of Sedona!

Baba said...

Good morning Donna, Thanks for sharing these great pictures from Sedona..my mom always told me when plans change ..it was done for a reason that we don't understand, so just go with the flow and enjoy a different route..at least your plans with meeting Chris have not changed.Have a good time with your friends. Hugs, Baba

Sue and Doug said...

love the pictures from sedona!....be sure to stop in Port Orford, Oregon..lovely rv park there. Port Orford Village RV Park..great scenery all along the Highway 101..as for BC?..the whole province is great so I cannot just suggest one place!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Golly yes - we had a great trip up through BC, although we didn't come through Vancouver. Everything is torn up here so I can't find the details, but we went to Clinton, BC, stayed at Clinton Pones RV Park; went through Quesnel and just north of that is a nice "ghost town" called Barkerville. Also stayed at Whiskers Provincial Park on the lakeshore - beautiful place.

Minnesota Road Runners said...

HI Donna,

Are you still in Camp Verde? We are coming to Distant Drums on Monday. Hope we can hook up. We traveled to Vancouver and took our RV over to the Island and camped there in McKenzie Provincial Park on the ocean shore. Absolutely loved Vancouver. We stayed in a park and took the rail system down to the harbor and truly enjoyed our time there. Then on the way back took the ferry thru the Puget Sound to Seattle - loved it. Best trip of our life. And now can't wait to get to Alaska. We're jealous.
Call me if you get a chance. 320-267-4954. Road Runner Sharon

The Muse said...

good golly, looks like you have plenty of travel advice..., sorry for being late :)
i will simply add that as always we pray for your safe travels.
and thank you for such wonderful landscape shots!!

Unknown said...

These are great pictures from Sedona! Thannks for sharing.

Justine said...

Oh, Sedona looks so pretty! But winter storms? Near the end of March? It's still that bad that you had to reverse everything? What a pain!

Justine :o )

Hootin' Anni said...

Sedona....so so pretty. All your AZ photos this past few weeks makes me really miss the state. And Sedona is a favorite place.

Ahhhhhhh, 'sigh'...you've gone and done it to me again.

I've been awol for a few days visiting and leaving comments, but this morning I wanted to play catch up and send a huge hello your way there in Tassie land.

kim and don said...

I guess you should be talking to us!!! This is where we live - in northern BC just 3 hours short of the Alaska border - let's email!

SmilingSally said...

I have no tips for you, Donna, but I know that you and Chris will have fun. If you can possibly get over to Victoria, it's BIG TIME worth it.

Carole Burant said...

Those rock formations are absolutely breathtaking, as is the red colours in them! It's no wonder you're going to miss them when you leave there.

What a shame your plans had to change but at least you're still able to get together with Chris:-) Having been to Vancouver twice (my two older brothers live there), one of my favourite places was Victoria, on Vancouver Island, it's just gorgeous there. xoxo


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