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Monday, February 8, 2010

Wouldn't You Like to be a Pepper TOO?

Did you know that Dr. Pepper was created in Waco, Texas? Also that it is older then either Coca Cola or Pepsi? (created in 1885) I sure didn't! They are celebrating 125 years this year. Before it was called Dr. Pepper it was know as WACO...

These are the kind of service trucks that delivered Dr. Pepper over the years

While in Waco, we took a tour of the Dr Pepper Museum, a place that serves up history, nostalgia, and Waco’s favorite authentic soda fountain drinks. You can even enjoy a Dr. Pepper Float in the ambiance of a restored turn-of-the-century soda fountain. The museum also recreates the soda fountain where Dr. Charles Alderton first mixed the flavors that make up Dr Pepper (none of which is prune juice—a popular rumor about this classic drink.) In this exhibit, an animated, life-size Dr. Alderton tells the story of his invention.

The next exhibit showcases the original Dr Pepper bottling company, including the well from which they drew their artesian spring water, as well as a multitude of historic soft drink bottles and manufacturing equipment, and an interactive study of the pressure in a soft drink bottle.

This is the bottler from the factory and the Artesian well that they got all the water from

These original machinery was used in the beginning of the Dr. Pepper craze. There is a short silent film you can watch of young people actually labeling the and botteling Dr. Pepper.

The second floor of the Dr Pepper Museum shows the evolution of soft drink advertising over the years. The third floor houses the Soft Drink Hall of Fame. Also on the 3rd floor is the story of Woodrow Wilson (Foots) Clements who started out delivering Dr. Pepper and worked his way up to become CEO of the company. A success story that I don't think could happen today.

Check out this horse made of Dr. Pepper bottle caps and strips of cans!

Enjoy the Dr Pepper Recipes I found on the Internet

DPQ (Barbeque) Sauce
•2 1/2 cups Dr Pepper
•1/2 Cup Oil
•1/2 cup lemon juice
•1 cup catsup
•1 teaspoon garlic powder
•1/4 cup dry minced onion
•2 teaspoons salt
•I teaspoon pepper
*1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

1 teaspoon basil

Blend together on stir speed of blender for 2 minutes. Store in tightly sealed container and refrigerate. Shake well I before using, (Will keep for several weeks in refrigerator.)

*May substitute 1/4 teaspoon red pepper sauce.

YIELD: 4 1/2


Dr. Pepper Jelly

•3-1/2 cups sugar
•2-1/4 cups Dr. Pepper
•¼ cup lemon juice
•few drops red food color (optional)
•3 ounces liquid pectin
Combine sugar, Dr. Pepper & lemon juice in a large saucepan. Add food color if desired and mix well. Place over high heat* and bring to a boil, stirring constantly.

Stir in liquid pectin at once. Bring to a full rolling boil. Boil hard 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, skim off foam with a metal spoon.

Pour quickly into hot sterilized jars and seal. Makes 5 (6-ounce) glasses.


Hot Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper
Thin lemon slices

Pour Dr Pepper into saucepan. Heat* to simmering temperature about 180 degrees F or just below boiling point, (The beverage will appear to be boiling long before if is hot due to the carbonation.) Place a thin slice of fresh lemon in bottom of cup and pour steaming hot Dr Pepper over it.

Serve at once. This drink will be hot - sipping hot or should be about 170 degrees F. when ready to drink.

NOTE: A fresh slice of lemon is required to give the proper taste of Hot Dr Pepper


Dr Pepper Wings

•2 tsp. cayenne pepper
•1 tsp. White Pepper
•1 tsp. Black Pepper
•2 tsp. Salt
•2 tsp. Garlic Powder
•2 tsp. Onion Powder
•2 tsp. Paprika
•1 tsp. Dried Thyme
•2 tsp. Dark Soy Sauce
•½ Onion, finely diced
•¼ cup Dr Pepper
•3 lbs. Chicken Wing Sections (about 24)
The day before: In large zippered bag, combine all seasonings, the Dr Pepper and onion, mixing well. Add chicken and expel air from bag. Mush chicken around in the bag to distribute the spices and liquid. Marinate overnight in refrigerator.

To bake, turn on broiler. Line a raised cookie sheet with foil.

Place wings on foil and broil about 10 to 12 minutes on each side until crisped and well done, with no pink juices.

Serve hot. Makes 4 to 6 servings.


Dr Pepper Jell-O

1 box cherry Jell-O ½ cup boiling water 1-1/2 cups Dr Pepper (or Coke)

Dissolve the Jell-O in the boiling* water. Add the Dr Pepper. Use a large container as it foams when you add the Dr Pepper. Chill and eat. Will remind you of an old fountain Cherry Dr. Pepper. Also gives the Jell-O a little tingle!


We ended this wonderful day by going out to eat at CHUY'S Tex Mex Restaurant...

It is a chain that has Great food and is a fun place...

I forgot to take pictures of the food until it was almost gone...

Go visit these two places too when you are in Waco, Texas.

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!


Lona said...

Donna what wonderful old antiques and history. The horse is amazing too. I cannot stand to drink the stuff to be honest though. LOL!

The Muse said...

Don't hate me...but NO.
Dr Pepper and i not on good terms!
However...that will not stop me from saying i had a great time at your post...design, architecture, and historical information is great!
just don't hand me a taste tester! LOL

Renee said...

Glad you are enjoying Waco! When we moved to TX we would order "coke" (meaning coca cola) and we would be served Dr. Pepper. Took us a bit to get used to clarifying which "coke soda" we wanted - lol. Still, I enjoy Dr. Pepper and it is great to cook with. Happy Trails!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

We had no idea that DP came from Waco! You're seeing things that we would enjoy. Love the recipes and pics. So glad that you're well enough to see the sites again...and be on the road. We're so jealous!!!! It kills us to have our big baby parked out back!

Kat said...

What a fun day! I LOVE Dr. Pepper, and my grandmother used to make hot DP for us when it was chilly out. Cait is a true blue Texan, DP is her "coke" of choice - Renee's comment cracked me up. So glad you liked Chuy's - it's one of our favorite places. Sounds like you're having a good time, just wish it would warm up for you! Kathy

SmilingSally said...

I love Dr. Pepper, and the Diet Dr. Pepper tastes great too!

Rick said...

Great tour and pictures, Donna. I would love to see that factory even though I'm not a big Dr. Pepper fan!

Stacey said...

Donna, I started to tell you yesterday that the Dr. Pepper museum is there. The Texas Rangers museum is also in Waco. My guys love it.

Anonymous said...

HI Donna! Oh, I've been to the Dr. Pepper Museum and Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice. Now have you tried the hot Dr. Pepper with lemon? Oh, I love that! I'm so glad you're enjoying Waco!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sharon said...

I'm so looking forward to getting on the road again and this post just makes that itch worse!!!! Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love learning all the stuff there is out there on the road. Almost any place has something to teach. Love the recipes, too. Thanks for the post and have a great time.

Margie M. said...

That museum looks like a terrific find. Never heard of that one before. Thanks for the tour and all of the great information.

Hootin' Anni said...

Personally, I think there is none better than Mexican food. Altho, I must admit Texans have a different concept. I like it tho. And Dr. Pepper Jello...now that's a new one on me. [Dr. Pepper tho, is not my 'cup of tea'...it's too reminiscent of cough syrup. LOLOLOLOL]

Loved the history. And the photos are ever so super Donna.


Justine said...

Whoa, what a totally cool place this museum was! I hate Dr. Pepper, but it sure was fun reading about how it came about. Did you learn what that one little funky flavor in there is? Licorice maybe?

And yummmmmm... your dinner looked sooooooo good.

Justine :o )

Jerry and Suzy said...

Neat tour! There are Chuy's restaurants in Tucson (about 50 miles from us in Benson) that we haven't tried yet. We'll have to take your recommendation some day!

Carole Burant said...

Well I've learned something new, I didn't know either that Dr. Pepper came before Pepsi or Coke! How interesting!! That museum is one I would so love to visit. I always find it so amazing when I see the machinery and vehicles used in the old days to make and/or deliver things like that. I so enjoyed all the photos, dear Donna. xoxo

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