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Monday, December 21, 2009

~~~ It's a WARM front ~~~

Here it is Monday and we are having a warm front... Today's high is going to be 58' and 45' tonight... YES my Florida friends that is a warm front here and I am excited. It has been in the 30's during the day and in the low 20's if not the teens at night so am I happy, you bet I am. I hope this last at least through Christmas day so that we don't have to hibernate inside... It would be a good thing!

We left all of our decorations in storage in Florida... So with a few stops I found a few little things to make it festive in Tassie... You gotta have some decorations RIGHT?

Well Suvivor fans what did you think of last nights outcome... I for one was thrilled that a sweet little girl from right here in Van Buren, Arkansas won... Natalie White took the million dollars from Russell Hantz, the snake, the rat, the lowest of life player that I really didn't care for... He did manage to win the 100,000 dollars for being a fan favorite... and I am sure that he will be on next season on the VILLIAN side... Yes in February the new season will be the Villians against the HEROS... Should be interesting for sure...

pictures of survivors from internet

I am one of those fans that think you shouldn't have to lie & cheat to win... Remember Ethan???

I hope your day is as wonderful as you all are.... Sooooo

Until Later Have Fun & Enjoy Everyday


SmilingSally said...

I saw some of Survivor this season and did see the final episode last night. I think the correct person won. The "loser" was a sore loser.

I love your Christmas decor. Sometimes, less is enough; I'm definitely doing less this year. However, we both know that the decor does not make Christmas.

Melissa Miller said...

WOW! I don't watch "Survivor" but that is so neat Donna. I think Kristen is there too. How cool!

Sounds like perfect Holiday weather for you!

Merry Christmas! ~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your festive decorations.I wanted Mick to win, well I really wanted Brett to win,but was happy for Natalie. I could NOT stand Russell, how could he have been the fan favorite. The liar.He was so full of himself. Guess she showed him.

Love Ya,

Speedy said...

Not a Survivor fan... I am a fan of warmer weather...in the 60's that is. Good to see you are enjoying it.

Diana said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy that Natalie won. Love your decorations.

Rick said...

Glad to see it warming up. I've never watched an episode of Survivor - or any other reality show for that matter! I'll vote for your winner though!

Tootsie said...

Merry Christmas my friend and a safe and happy new year!

Dawn Fine said...

Well your warm front sounds like the weather here in Vegas...its been in the high fifties low sixties during the day..and burr at night.
Your tassie does look festive!
I didnt do much decorating this year...just a few bulbs here and there..
Merry Christmas and hope you have a Fantastic new year!
Safe travels.

Debbie Goode said...

I think honesty and truth and kindness should always win out! Not a survivor fan, but sounds like the right person won. Glad you are enjoying this time with your family. Glad you are getting some warmer weather!

Justine said...

Ooh, I love that Santa with the yarn beard!

Grrrrrr.... I hadn't watched the whole thing of the Survivor reunion.. now I know Russel got the bonus. I really thought the other Russel would have gotten it. But I have to disagree with you. The first couple of episodes I hated Russel, but then from there I was pulling for him because I have NEVER seen anyone play the game so brilliantly.

Yep, Ethan was awesome. Do you know he's a cancer survivor? Parkinson's.

Justine :o )

Love Bears All Things said...

Yes, I hope the "warm front" lasts through the holidays. I don't want ice to interfere with party plans. Besides my honey needs to come home.

I like your little tree. I have one about that size in the kitchen. And that shade for the candle. I was just remarking that those are hard to find these days. We don't have a Yankee Candle store here.

Not a fan of survivor. I just don't watch TV enough to follow anything like that. The shows I like, I watch on Computer after they've aired.
Merry Christmas.
I'm going to try and post some of my decorations before Christmas gets here.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! I think your little tree is so cute.

Chuck-Kathy said...

Love your blog, it is a great read. I was a Survivor fan too, and even though Russell made me so mad, got to admit he did "play" that game. Next season is going to be very interesting. Weather in the Rio Grande Valley is pretty nice right now, 70's.
Merry Christmas, Kathy

Happytrails said...

Your decorations look very nice! I am so glad you are having a warming trend. I actually left the motorhome today without a coat. Yea!! Growing up in Florida I don't think I even owned a coat...sweaters, jackets but not a heavy coat. To this day I hate them.

I hope you have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!


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