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Friday, August 19, 2011

♖ Yet Another Historic Fort ♖

Fort Morgan State Historic Site ~ Fort Morgan, Alabama

Construction began on the fort in 1819 and was completed 1834. The large brick fort serviced the Civil War, Spanish-American War and both world wars. It played a major role during the Battle of Mobile Bay (1864). The Museum details the fort's history.

We spent the morning walking around Historic Fort Morgan and visiting the museum which is small but very informative. Located at: 51 Highway 180 West, Gulf Shores, Alabama it is a great place to visit. To see a full history of Fort Morgan visit here. Fort Morgan is a Third System Coastal Defense Fort. Like the other forts it was built after the War of 1812 when Congress realized The need for stronger fortifications along the eastern & southern coastlines.

The cleared ground sloping up to the fort walls is called a Glacis. It helped protect the fort, and its occupants, from gunfire. You will normally see seven flags on display near the entrance representing the groups that controlled the area: France, Great Britain, Spain, the United States, the Alabama Militia, the Confederacy, and the state of Alabama. The postern is the connecting tunnel through the glacis to the inner fort.

First you enter through what they called a Postern which is a long tunnel through the Glacis. The entrance into the interior of the fort is gained through a doorway called a Sally Port. Sally Ports frequently have intricate designs that set them apart from the utilitarian design of the fort itself. The date the fort is commissioned is usually placed over the Sally Port. This is a fine example of a Sally Port The date is not when the fort was completed but the date it was named after General Daniel Morgan.

These arched rooms known as Casemates designed as protected gun positions for the forts cannon but few cannons were ever mounted in them. Mostly the were used for storage of food and equipment.

We enjoyed our day so much and the fort was full of history... If you would like to find out more click here.

After a full day of sight seeing we headed over once again to Lambert's "Home of the Hand Throwed Rolls". There are 3 in all ~ one here in Foley, Alabama and two in Missouri. I truly believe it is a must go & see kinda place. Voted #1 on the food network countdown of a place to visit. Click here to go to their website! The fried chicken is to die for ♥♥♥

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Sue and Doug said...

chicken looks delicious!..after all the touring around the Fort you deserve a nice dinner!!1

K and D in the RV said...

Donna and Ralph - sounds like you have had a great summer and we have been following along ( albeit with some jealousy!). WE would have loved seeing the Blue Angels with you. Best regards.

Rick said...

Another great tour. You do find the most interesting places to visit and always seem to find a place with great food at the end too!

Happytrails said...

We loved Fort Morgan when we visited there during our winter stay at Rainbow Plantation. We took the ferry across to Dauphin Island...that was fun. Just LOVE that area!!

I hope you caught some good rolls at Lamberts!!

You two have really had a GREAT summer of travels and fun. :-)

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