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Friday, July 24, 2009

~~~ Beach Day ~~~

Yesterday we packed up a picnic lunch & spent the day out at Johnsons Beach which is part of the Gulf Islands National Shoreline... Is is a pristine beach with miles of white sugar sand & is not over crowded with a ton of people. (as you can see in the pictures) The water at this beach is beautiful but can be deadly... There is an undertow which can take a hold of an inexperienced swimmer, so we did not allow Alyssah to go out into the water past her knees. She stayed on the edge and played in the sand. We changed to the intercoastal side of the beach to go swimming where I didn't have to worry about her at all. It is not as beautiful but safe.

Here are a couple more pictures of the Sand Dunes which I can never get enough of...
They are just so beautiful & peaceful to me

As you can see this beach had hardly anyone on it...
It was kind of like having your own private beach

Here we are getting ready for the ultimate beach fun... Burying Alyssah in the sand

Poppy & Alyssah walking on the beach

We have crossed the street & now it is safe to swim and not be afraid of that undertow

Another beautiful day in Paradise has slipped away but not before leaving us with a beautiful sunset. I hope you enjoyed our day at the beach.
Wish you could all be here with us!

Until Later
Hugs And Kisses


cindy said...

Looks like it was an awesome day! The pics of the dunes are great!Where to next?

Tootsie said...

what a beautiful place! looks like fun!
yes that is a window in my fence...and an iron gate that I had that didn't fit anything, so I put it up as shutters with two spring loaded curtain rods I had here!!! lol

Justine said...

Ah, that looks blissful!!!!! That beach really was nearly deserted. I wonder why there aren't more people?

Oh, and check out your spelling of paradise. Heeheeheeeeeeeeeeeee
Oh, this is such fun!

Justine :o )

Diana said...

Alyssah looks like a beautiful mermaid. You're so lucky to be sharing this time with her.

Stacey said...

You are just living the life! Each time you post I can't help but think how lucky Alyssa is to spend that time with y'all. Have fun. :)

Ginger said...

I love the beach. Haven't been in years, but the last time was in Calif. and it was packed.
Great pictures.
Leave it to the spell check woman, Justine, lol. You must of gone back and changed it, cause it looks like it's spelled right to me.

Sue said...

Hi Donna, I love your new picture!! The beach pictures are lovely and I want to go! I was in Myrtle Beach a few years ago and a section of the beach I was walking on made me feel like I was being pulled into the water and also sinking at the same time, it was so scarey!!
I have decided just tonight, after taking out the big wicker rocker, that this room has to work as is. I don't think as of now I'll be switching rooms. But come daylight after i had all night to think about it, who knows LOL!! I should be way too tired to even dream tonight! Hopefully tomorrow is picture day!! xoxoxo

Kat said...

Just beautiful! The white sand in this part of Florida is so gorgeous. Alyssah looks like she is having a ball. And how lucky for you that the beach wasn't crowded. I've noticed that on St. George too, on certain parts of the island the beach is practically deserted. Have fun! Kathy

Love Bears All Things said...

First, I noticed how calm that water you're in is. I would have been content to stay in the shallow water as I do not swim. I am off to Destin tomorrow with Daughter & family. I'm looking forward to some walks on the beach when the crowds are asleep or eating dinner.
I'm glad I stopped by because you've reminded me to take my straw hat.
Mama Bear

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