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Friday, August 7, 2009

~~~ Foodie Friday in Memphis ~~~

Thanks Gollum for hosting Foodie Friday... Go on over to Designs by Gollum and check out the rest of the great bloggers who have participated in this fun event...
Ok after we visited Elmwood Cemetery and the Victorian Village (that post to follow) we were starving. We decided cautiously to go visit Neely's BBQ because it is just down the street from the homes. As you may or may not know the Neely's have there own cooking show on the Food Network. Discovered by Paula Deen's sons when they had there travel food show and promoted by Paula Deen herself... they ended up with their cooking show. So they must be great RIGHT? Well when we were visiting Nashville with Norm & Chris we stopped in their restaurant for dinner one day. None of is were impressed and were all so disappointed. We all said that we would never go back to any of their restaurants again. Never is such a HUGE word and Ralph & I decided to visit the original Neely's BBQ in Memphis. Another chance would be granted. Thank goodness because it was one of the best meals we have had here. OK, OK, they have all been great meals at the great restaurants that we visited... So Neely's I take back my bad review... Your place in Memphis is awesome, food was excellent and our server David was the best!!!
We have arrived and Alyssah is already heading for the door
The inside was kind of dark & cozy... but David our server was like a ray of sunshine

Poppy, Memaw & Alyssah patiently waiting for our food

On the left is what Poppy had - Pulled Pork, BBQ Beans& Fries
I had Rib Tips, French Fires and the BEST Cole Slaw I have ever had

Our adventurist Alyssah has Chicken Tenders

After we ate Alyssah was suppose to get Ice Cream... They were out of the ice cream and felt so bad they brought us a huge piece of Mama Neely's "Sock It To Me Cake" for free... YUM!
It was filled with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon & Pecans... and served hot

All was so yummy... Please give them a try if you're near the area.
Until Later
Hugs And Kisses


Renee said...

Wow ~ that food looks delicious; you're pictures are great too. Glad to hear the Memphis restaurant was a good one. Happy travels!

Dawn Marie said...

ummmm now I'm hungry!

Renee said...

I forgot to put this in my earlier comment. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Jill said...

Isn't it funny how the kids always order the most boring things in the best of restaurants. That food looked so yummy. I love me some good bbq.

Stacey said...

Oh, pass me Poppy's plate, please. I would love to try that pulled pork. Neely's always looks so yummy to me when you watch them on TV. I'm glad you had a better experience this time. I'm jealous!

a quiet life said...

not good. i have been craving bbq. this is so not good for me... where are my car keys!

Speedy said...

Well now I am hungrey!

Love Bears All Things said...

All of your meals look so good but if I ate the way you do, I would weigh 200 pounds. Ha! Enjoy, dear lady.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

I wanted to visit a Neely's so bad when we were in Tennessee this summer but we were in Gatlinburg and too far from Nashville and Memphis. I love their show!

Susan @ SGCC said...

The food looks great! There's nothing like good barbecue! I've seen the Neely's show on TFN. I like a lot of their recipes, but they lost me when they put cottage cheese in lasagna! Mamma Mia!

SmilingSally said...

They ought to pay you for a review like this one!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that they DO serve food like what we expected to find. This place looked really good....We'll be leaving here Sunday and going back to Gloucester for a while.

Luv Ya,

Baba said...

Good morning Donna, I have never eaten at Neely's , but the food sure looked good...I like your first picture with a hungry granddaughter rushing inside and the view of the skyline of Memphis...I would have ordered baby-back ribs... enjoy the week-end. Hugs, Baba

Vintage To Chic said...

good morning Lady, finially getting back into the bloging world, always enjoy visiting your blog. Love the visit to the Neeleys, I like to watch their show.
hope you have a great day.
I have a give away so come by for a visit.

Dawn Fine said...

oh my goodness...give me some of that!

Get your mamogram & check up today... Early detection saved my life....


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