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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Nice Sunday Drive

Today we decided to take it easy so after a relaxing morning we loaded Tiffy in the car with a nice picnic lunch and off we went on a Sunday Drive. We headed out on Hwy 20 and soon found ourselves leaving Montana and entering Idaho.

After driving about 60 miles we took Hwy 87 & 287 which took us over the Continental Divide and back into Montana. We came across Earthquake Lake which was formed when an earthquake triggered a landslide which blocked Madison River and flooded the intire area including the highway. It was kinda beautiful but had a lot of dead trees along the banks which died from being covered by water.

After a while our tummies started growling and we started looking for a nice spot to picnic but had no luck finding a place we were happy with. As we were entering West Yellowstone we decided to go into Yellowstone Natl' Park and find a spot there by the river... Soon we were all set up and enjoying our lunch while listening to the river & the trees rustling in the wind. Sadly knowing it was our last time there we packed up and returned to the campsite. Tomorrow a new adventure starts.....

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