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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

~~~ Throwed Rolls ~~~

We went to Foley, Alabama to visit Lambert's Café "Home of the Throwed Rolls".  Now this restaurant has been featured both the Travel Channel and the Food Network Channel and is one of the most fun places to visit...  There is plenty of food choices and they also have servers walking around with BIG buckets of Fired Okra, Macaroni & Tomatoes, Fried Potatoes with Onions, Black Eyed Peas, Apple Butter & Molasses for your rolls,  When the rolls come out of the oven the servers roll them out on carts and throw them across the room at you (if you want).   Yes you heard me right - they throw them all the way across the room at you and they are BIG, HOT, and delish!!!  Now here is the deal... The drinks come in cups so big you hardly ever need a refill.  The menu is huge with all kinds of good old cooked meals with plenty of country sides for you to choose from and remember they are always walking around with buckets of food that you can have all you can eat and those yummy throwed rolls.  If your main course is not enough for you they will gladly give you more meat.  They have 3 locations: Foley ~ Alabama, Ozark ~ Missouri, Sikeston ~ Missouri.  If you have never been to this restaurant and you get anywhere near one of them you need to "GO"!!!  You will not be sorry...

Here are the photos of the outside of the building... Look how they have all these great paintings on them.  The wall has a mural with mom & pop Lambert who started the business and one of their sons who was tragically killed in an accident (center picture).  Now there other sons run all the restaurants and keep the family tradition going.

This side of the building really moved me... It had the Blue Angel and a tribute to the Firemen of our nation and the flag & American Eagle. I loved how they incorporated a real flag into the painting.
Here they are throwing the rolls... Look real hard and you might see one... and the guy who handed out the APPLE BUTTER  (Ralph's Favorite) & Molasses. 

Ralph had the 16 ounce hamburger steak with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. Take a look at all the food we got?  I had the Fried Pork Chops with French fries & applesauce.  (YUM) Doesn't it all look so yummy!!!

We had GREAT fun there with our good friends Buck & Jeannie and left with our tummies busting!  We loved our food, service so much that we came here twice...

Now go find a Lamberts and have fun!!!

Travel Safe !!!

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