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Monday, June 7, 2010

Continuing our Journey up into Canada

Here is the continuation of our trip up to today… I left off telling you about the things we saw while staying at Emory, BC, Canada. We also went to a place called Hell’s Gate. What an experience it was… My friend Chris, who is so afraid of heights and water that we just knew she wasn’t going to go. But guess what she did and what fun we had there….

North of Hope, just before Boston Bar on the Trans Canada Highway 1/ Hwy 97, is one of the most spectacular sights in British Columbia. Hell's Gate, a narrowing of the Fraser River where the water churns through the famous gorge in a tremendous force. It's an awesome sight to see, and certainly a "hellish" experience for the more than 2 million spawning salmon that must pass through this part of the Fraser River every year. For a closer look at the fury of Hell's Gate you halve to ride the Hell's Gate Airtram across to the other side of the river. There is a restaurant, gift shop, candy shop and an interpretive center when you reach the other side. We enjoyed the area even though it was raining on & off.

Off we went down the road where we went through several tunnels, More beautiful Mountains and the Fraser River always within our sight.

Our next stop was Cashe Creek where we stayed at a nice little RV park called Brookside RV Resort. We went to Herbies where they boasted you could get the Worlds Famous Monster Double Cheeseburger… It was pretty big and very tasty … We only stayed for the night and moved on the next morning. We headed for William’s Lake where we planned on boondocking at the casino there. When we arrived at the casino had plenty of room but was very unlevel so right next to it was the Visitor Center. Our friend went down to check if we could boondock there for the night and they said YES! What a treat it was too… Plenty of room, nice paved level parking and the visitor center was the most gorgeous one I think I have ever seen.

The Tourism Discovery Center is, in total, 14,596 square feet. The log and timber frame was built by local renowned log homebuilders and contractors. Within the Center is a vertical log with its' flared root in tact that is approximately 10 feet across and rises over 52 feet. It was sensitively harvested from Bella Coola and estimated to be 745 years old. Natural forked posts, nature's oddities become beauties in this structure demonstrating Pioneers' Artisans ability to let the natural logs and their uniqueness determine the final design and true elements in the structure. The very impressive interior exhibits feature interactive displays that demonstrate all of the activities that one can do in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region. The Big Picture display has three 12 foot tall images with props and storyboards in front of them. You are able to hop on the bike and take a picture as shown below. The So Much To Do display is a real car, loaded to the rafters with all sorts of gear from a canoe to ice skates. A great place to visit!

Massive tree inside building and a car packed for travel... what a hoot!

We stopped off in Prince George to restock our supplies and just rest a day or so… We stayed at Sintich RV Park just south of town and it was a very nice campground… While there they had a family of Black Bears that was getting into bird feeders and all. We never did see them. Guess it's good not to see them up close & personal. After we left there we went west on Yellowhead Highway also know as Hwy 16 for about 250 miles heading towards Smithers.

One of my Bloggin Buddies Kim & Don of D & K in the RV informed us that they lived in Smithers and would like to meet us while we were there. Of course I love being able to meet my blogging friends (they are the best people in the world) so I of course said yes… I asked her about the campgrounds in the area and she had told me they checked out the Riverside Golf & RV Park already for us and thought we would love it. How sweet was that???

View across from Tassie at RV Park

Now I know I am going to like them a lot and getting anxious for our arrival so we can meet. After we arrived (and it was a GREAT park) I called Kim & Don right away. They came by that evening and had brought us so many things and as a special gift she had made both Chris & I a great quilted mat for our kitchens to put hot plates and pots on. It was spectacular with a totally Canadian theme… moose and all. LOVED IT!!! Thanks a ton Kim. They even brought information to us on places we would be visiting in the Yukon Territory.

They asked us over to their lovely home for a Canadian BBQ the next day and she had prepared a wonderful meal of Buffalo Burgers, Chicken Wings with yummy blue cheese dip, Artichoke dip with crackers and not one but two wonderful salads… It was so much fun and we really enjoyed their gracious hospitality. Their friend Loren had come to join in on the fun afternoon and what a great guy he was… Hopefully someday we’ll all get together again… Perhaps I can host them in my RV Park back home in Florida one day.

Don, Kim & Ralph (first Picture) Ralph, Norm, Chris, Kim, Don & Me (second picture)

Morris the Moose from my other great Canadian Bloggin’ Buddies Sue & Doug of BigDawg & Freeway is still enjoying his front row seat heading down the highway, Thanks so much to all my Canadian followers… you have been so wonderful!!
O’ Canada I love you & my friends so...

So the next day we headed out for Prince Rupert and that is to come… So keep an eye out for the next segment of Our Great Canada/Alaskan Journey.

Have Fun, Travel Safe & Stay Healthy!!!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Back home from surgery, taking a little while to get back to blogging. We enjoyed the highway along Fraser Canyon, and we're enjoying your story and pictures of things we didn't see on our trip in 2005! Thanks for sharing.

Happytrails said...

What a wonderful group of RVing friends those Canadians are!! They are the best!! :)

Your trip continues to be spectacular and I am so enjoying following along on your journey.

You all stay safe and continue to enjoy the journey....it is awesome!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Margie M. said...

Sounds like the fun just keeps on rolling!!! You are all brave to go on that Hell's Gate thing. Whew! Scary!

Glad you had fun with K and D.

Can't wait for more, Donna!!

Sue and Doug said...

great post as always, Donna!!..nice moose!!!..how nice to make some more new blogging friends too!!!..you are going to have quite a following by the time you head south again!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....what an awe inspiring trek you're sharing with us. What beauty!!! I can see now why the Canadians are so proud of their country. Such pristine and natural wonders.

Love the little moose on the dash.

Today, if you can, stop by and take a gander at my daughter...I posted a most recent picture of her.

SmilingSally said...

Donna, How I envy you and Chris with these adventures! I'm sure glad you did not visit with those Black Bears! Whew! That Hell's Gate ride would scare me.

JB said...

Thanks for popping in. Our friends Bill and Margaret run the Dease Lake RV Park, say hi from John and Brenda. Take time to take the drive out to Telegraph Creek it is spectacular and the pie at the Riversong Cafe out there is also worth the trip all by itself. We will look forward to following your travels and hope to cross trails when you come home through Wild Rose Country.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Great pictures looks like you are having a great time. Glad you were able to get on the tramway and see things from there! Great photos!

Debbie Goode said...

What a wonderful blog....loved the photos and news about all the happy happenings....keep it up....

Unknown said...

My husband John is from Oliver, British Columbia but spent most of his life on Vancouver Island. We are camp hosting in Morro Bay now. Fulltime RVers for the past nine months. Sounds as though you are having a splendid time on the road. Camp Host Housewife

Justine said...

You guys really are having the adventure of a lifetime! But you're telling me that Chris got on that sky thingy? I don't believe it!

Justine :o )

The Muse said...

Oh goodness, this post was wonderful, why even my beloved sat down with me to read it and gaze at the pics...

And that doesn't happen often!

What smiles, and it is clear why!

Unknown said...

The name of your blog was irresistable! And my husband is from British Columbia. Beautiful country ay? My husband and I have been on the road for 10 months. We are currently at our third campground host assignment - Morro Strand State Beach. We are focused right now on exploring Central Coast California and expect to be at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park next. You're invited to stop by when you have a moment. I have two blogs - Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings.

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