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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails Park Review

Today we hit the road and are on our way to San Fransisco... via Tulare, Ca. We are hoping that all of us are healthy enough to go into the city and check it out. The 4 days flew by even though we did nothing but go to Wally World!
The park is located at
Soledad Canyon - Thousand Trails
4700 Crown Valley Rd.
Acton, California 93510
We arrived at Soledad Canyon Thousand Trails Park on last Wednesday around 1:30 pm. It was a very hard drive because of high winds & rough roads so it was a welcomed site when we came around the bend and saw the park. We have 50 amp, W/S but the site was really unlevel, so we had to use boards under our wheels & jacks. Also a HUGE issue with electric, alot in the park that does not work.

Secluded in the high desert country, this 266-acre oasis is surrounded by lush greenery, majestic scenery and towering cottonwood trees. The temperate climate offers year-round fun for all ages. While we were here the days were very comfortable at about 75' & the nights a little chilly around 45'.

Tassie in her home for the next 4 days & the back of our friends Winnebago TOUR

We were able to get Satellite TV, both Verizon and AT&T phone service and Internet service with our cards. This is because we are on the upper level of park.

Campsites on the upper level where we are parked.

It is located only one hour from Los Angeles and for us the perfect stop to visit various Hollywood attractions and major theme parks. We didn't get to go into LA because not only did Ralph get sick with a bad cold but my friend Chris was having some issues with her sinus too. The pollen count is so high here and with the winds blowing it around it is very hard on anyone with allergies.

Campsites in the level just below where we are parked.

This park offers a lot of amenities: They have an Adult Center, Ball Field, Basketball Court, Country Store, Family Center, Horseshoe Pits, Laundry Facilities, Mini-Golf, Playgrounds, Shuffleboard, Spa, Swimming pool.

We are surrounded by National Forest...NW is Los Padres NF & to the SSW is Angeles NF

Until Later... Have FUN, Travel Safe & Enjoy Everyday!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Electrical issues seem to be epidemic among several of the Thousand Trails parks we have visited. That hasn't slowed us down with liking Thousand Trails, though. They are a family-oriented organization, lots of kids (that's usually a good thing for a swhile), but they also have a lot of members who are not what you and I would call "true RVers." Many ignore the niceties and courtesies of neighborliness. So what do you do? Either visit Thousand Trails on weekdays during the school season, or, if staying longer, hold off on housework or other stuff until the weekends so you can stay inside with the blinds closed!

Margie M. said...

Nice review, Donna. We don't have a TT membership, but our program does have a few TT affiliates we can stay at. At least you have great scenery to look at while you are there. The wind is allowing you to see those mountains clearly!! During the summer, the smog can settle in and things aren't quite so beautiful. But hey...you won't be there in the summer because you lucky ducks get to go to Alaska!!!

Rick said...

Thanks for the great review and pictures of the RV Park, Donna. I hadn't heard of that one before so it's good to know of a park so close to LA.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Looks like a beautiful park. Hope the allergies go away and everyone is able to enjoy the good weather!

Ginger said...

Hi Donna:
Miss you girl, so glad you stopped by to say hi. I need to get back to blogging again, I feel like I've lost touch with my gal pals.
How fun that you can meet up with Chris and her hubby and travel together. California is such a beautiful state with lots to see and do. Sure hope you enjoy S.F. with all it's craziness. lol.
If you get a chance, take the Alcatraz tour...it's pretty neat, or so my kids say. I haven't been but they've gone twice.

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